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Devorah Rose: The Make Believe World of a Social Parasite.

Mr Salman Rushdie and Devorah Rose.

tabloid press makes her one of the most annoying and potentially dangerous personages for any man of means or accomplishment to cross paths with in this town.

In his research and in forced exile/hiding after the issuance of a fatwa against him by Ayatollah Khomeni and the violent Muslim reaction that followed publication of  The Satanic Verses I still do not think that Mr. Rushdie ever encountered anyone so deeply committed to completion of their mission as that of a crazed ‘fame monster’Miss Devorah Rose.

While some may commend the upstart Jewish socialite for her persistence in garnering time in the spotlight without any noteworthy accomplishments, the endless pursuit of reality fame to place yourself in the right place at the right time, like a schemingForrest Gump, is hardly a heady or noble life pursuit.  Folks like Devorah are oblivious to the entire REAL world around them while the dutifully serve as cogs in the wheel of the culture of distraction.  America is being extracted, the middle class eroding with a painful and growing income inequality due to the efforts of inept and corrupt politicians and financial oligarchs that have created  a destabilized financial system which may bring about the economic collapse of America. But DR sat next to Salman Rusdie and exchanged texts and simply had to insure that her brief and fleeting association went viral.

Understand, one’s import to Miss Devorah Rose is dependent only on what, who and how they may assist in extending her media profile and moving her up the charts in the Fame Game. Selling you out at hello is her M.O.  Everyone knows it, except perhaps Salman Rushdie who was rather slow in figuring it out.

Ms. Rose posts half nude photos of her self literally everywhere and any where she can. Furthermore, she has clearly over the years had significant work done in order to obtain this look found in Maxim so she can gain attention.  What has not been removed with a scalpel was removed with an air brush because most who met her between 2005 -2010 do not recognize her in these images on Maxim.  Scallywag & Vagabond asked whether Ms. Rose is a“Shameless Social Climber or Misunderstood Cover Model. ”Nevertheless,  the implication that she was somehow shocked and disheartened because she was exclusively looking to pursue some sort of intellectual discussion with one of the most famous authors on the planet, is well, to be candid, truly LUDICROUS.

An intellectual conversation with the woman who is ‘Perfectly Polished, Painfully Poised’ usually goes something like this:

Devorah: Did you see that the NY Post covered me? Do you think this is better or bigger than the NY Times profile of me?

You: I think so. Was that you? I have not seen you in a few months and did not realize you look like that now.

Devorah: Oh well I have been dieting (with a Surgeon’s scalpel and air brushed with photo shop). Can you do a write up defending me? I feel like such a victim in the wrongful manner I am being portrayed.

You: rolling your eyes, oh my god this is so intellectual. I am glad we have such a deep friendship where we can discuss topics like your fame.

Ms. Rose is the ‘Editor-in-Chief’ of Social Life Magazine.  As the Society Editor of the same publication Ms. Rose “serves” as the Editor in Chief,  I can tell you that while I contribute my perspective on philanthropy along with photos taken around town, I have not had a meeting with or discussion with this woman about any issues related to publication in several years.  What I have witnessed in the time I have known her is not one who regularly holds meetings with staff members to discuss content related issues of the magazine or greater collaborations among staff members. Instead, she is someone I randomly encounter pursuing her own FameGamearound town (rarely) or in the Hamptons at Social Life Magazine parties where she stands  ‘Perfectly Polished, Painfully Poised’ out in front of the cameras claiming responsibility for the publication of a magazine which is largely a collaborative effort among many and that largely eludes her oversight. You will excuse me, if in my opinion, Devorah Rose is but a scandalous farce posing as a meaningful human being, an embarrassment to the idea of what an  Editor-in-Chief of a publication should be.    Why?  She is still far too busy figuring out how to take credit, license of and leverage off the  artistic creations of others, literally having driven away those . who helped create the magazine’s  brand in the first place.

Ms Devorah Rose and Salman Rushdie. The twitted photo that stirred up the pot and then some.

The Photo Tweeted by Ms. Rose Illustrates NOTHING

As a photographer and a lawyer, in my opinion,  the image tweetedby Ms. Rose hardly looks  like that representative or indicative of some massive romance, deeply formed alliance or any kind of significant intimate relationship between her and the world famous author. It instead looks like that of one taken by a fan or brazen fame seeking stalker.

As stated to me by an acquaintance who has withdrawn from New York Social circles because she has moved on to a more important segment of her life called adulthood: “It never ceases to amaze me the lengths these people will go for ’status’ in the make-believe construct of their social microcosm.”  This woman gives fame seeking ’stalkers’ a bad name. Her simple quest to rise up in social recognition in tabloid media and reality television by any means necessary, including incessant plastic surgery, advocating Anorexiato wannabe socialites, constant sandbagging of  of as many unsuspecting people higher up on the human food chain or with a more significant fame quotient. Salman Rusdie is simply her latest victim, in my estimation.

My advice to Ms. Rose, if you are going to be a star fucker, at least don some knee pads, get under the table and get to work. Capische? But do not sit here and pose like a victim of abuse at  the hands of one of your much older heroes , with whom you were merely pursuing an intellectual relationship.

Listen babe, what’s going on here is LUDICROUS, Salman Rusdie is in effect saying:  “Why you all in my ear? Talkin’ a whole bunch of shit that I ain’t tryin’ to hear Get back mothafucker, you don’t know me like that”.

Infuriated Salman Rushdie now threatens to sue ‘loud mouth’ Devorah Rose.

Devorah Rose to Salman Rushdie; ‘Let’s get real, you were pursuing me!

Devorah Rose- Shameless social climber or a misunderstood cover model?

Devorah Rose to Salman Rushdie; ‘Let’s get real, you were pursuing me!

Devorah Rose- Shameless social climber or a misunderstood cover model?

Everyone prefers dating models- even Salman Rushdie.

Salman Rushdie after the love is gone.

Devorah Rose- the continued drama of being a rising socialite and backstabbed.

No love lost between Devorah Rose and Rachelle Hruska.

NYT pestered Devorah Rose for nearly a year, then prints hit job. The color of Blood.

Social Life Magazine Party brings out Howard and Beth.

Devorah Rose rumored to be a party animal…

Happy birthday Ms Devorah Rose.

CW’s High Society gets the green light for season 2 but now needs new characters. But who will fill the void?

Devorah Rose: Villainess or Victim?

Tinsley Two-face Mortimer.

Former Guest of a Guest Photographer blows whistle on Cw’s ‘High Society.’

What tender loving things did Devorah Rose and Paul Johnson Calderon say to each other at last night’s Gen Art premiere?

Devorah Rose gets in another cat fight.

The bully tactics of the tabloid world gone to hell in a handbasket.



  1. Great girl this Devorah Rose you may all think ! She has the guts to mention St Barts here while she left a sour impression of herself on our beautiful island … She got all free goodies from everyone in exchange of free advertising in a publication called black-book. She got free different hotel rooms, free car rental and much more during her FREE stay… I was kind enough to give her and Christian Laliberte a brand new Mini Cooper convertible rental for free, in exchange for it she said she’d mention my company in her publication, which never happened … On the day she left and when we were supposed to get our Mini Cooper back, no sign of life from Devorah and Christian,Toiny hotel told me she and Christian left suddenly with a ferry boat very early in the morning. Very strange was my first reaction, but I wasn’t surprised when we found our Mini Cooper completely wrecked, parked in a remote parking lot of the hotel.
    Devorah Rose and Christian Laliberte got so drunk that night, wrecked the car that was given to them free of charge, they left ME (the owner of the car rental company) with over 1200 usd dollars worth of damages, they decided to leave early in the morning (they were supposed to elave in the PM) like thieves so they wouldn’t have to face the NICE person that accepted to GIVE them a brand new rental car free of charge. I was even nice enough to not ask for a credit card number …
    To this day, Devorah ROSE never paid a single dime for the damages that she and Christian Laliberte caused to our brand new Mini Cooper.
    So Devorah ROSE, PLEASE DO NOT EVEN THINK of coming back to St Barth because we do not need dishonest people like you over here.
    And if anyone is curious about this issue, I kept nice photos of the car she and Christian wrecked …

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