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Devorah Rose- the continued drama of being a rising socialite and backstabbed.

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It appears being a socialite these days comes with great risk at ones own sanity and reputation. Devorah Rose for one is sure to testify that such frictions can manifest themselves as one canvasses the slippery slopes of the American dream. (see her personal response to yesterday’s NYT’s article demonizing her)-

NYT pestered Devorah Rose for nearly a year, then prints hit job. The color of Blood

No love lost between Devorah Rose and Rachelle Hruska.

Of course this isn’t no ordinary American dream, this is a gilded one where trophy ponies, business cards, quaint whispers and a melange of backstabbing makes its way. After all it seems there is only so much room for the girl who wants to do it her way. Sure she can marry into it or just inherit it, but as the NYT’s  points out- one can almost come from out of no where and earn it.

nyt:Ms. Rose is aware of her haters, but chooses to ignore them. “I was able to come to this country and make it in the Hamptons!”

And this:

“Devorah made a job for herself, and a name for herself here,” said David Patrick Columbia, who has visited the area for nearly four decades and chronicles the lives of the well-to-do on his site, NewYorkSocialDiary.com. “But that’s not making it in the Hamptons.”

Interesting that Ms Patrick Columbia has a definitive idea of what constitutes making it. But then again even the Hamptons have rules. Assuming you believe in those rules, because as it will become evident not even the players who like to make the rules follow the rules. Oh well…

With respect to self creation, not everyone is certainly beguiled by the notion that keeps Ms Rose buoyant. Even her surname is a colorful creation as she once personally reiterated to me- but then again who can fault an individual who assiduously clings to the idea that so many of us believe in- that one can make it on their own terms?

Who of course is arguing against that vision are once friends and now improbable foes– faux socialite and omnipresent media whoreTinsley Mortimer and girl from the midwest who discovered a knack for ingratiating herself with a young audience seeking instant fame at the press of a button (if only it was that easy), Guest of a Guest’s Editor in Chief Rachelle Hruska, to her credit has done a decent job of democraticising the snotty world of socialites. So well that now anyone with a plastered smile and a paycheck can become one too.

Says Ms Hruska rather ironically:

“It was an easy way to get attention if you were, like, a nobody,” said Rachelle Hruska, a founder of GuestofaGuest.com, a party blog.

Ironic because all her journal does is proposition the social pursuits of individuals who ostensibly



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