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GuestofaGuest.com Continues Artistic Rip Off, Joins The Social CIA Movement to be a Homing Device on your persona;

"Anything you can think of- just give it to me. We promise to guard the information..."


The media world is starting to look ominous. What exactly is Guest of a Guest up to?

Here’s a new story that just came to my attention. At first I demurred publishing it but then I thought, well Mr London does have a very compelling point of view  (and then there was the evidence…) and all we can do is stop and think and ask as to what actually constitutes the proper confines of media and when and if it breaches those boundaries? After all it’s one thing to be in the public eye if that’s what you want and another if you inevitably become the subject of the public eye despite what you thought you were initially subscribing to. Either way, the media world is changing and a healthy discussion as to how far media should be allowed to go should always stay paramount. That said, let the blood drip.Scallywag.

I may be the only one who see things this way, although some how I doubt it. I may, however, may just be one of the few people willing to express my thoughts on the subject and my concern about the real agenda of a few private citizens (Rachelle Hruska, Cameron Winklevoss) who want to collect data on you without fuller disclosure of who they are, who they serve and what their ultimate aims are.

Recently I received notice of a new questionnaire that Ms Rachel Hruska was now peddling along and as I read it I kept thinking to myself how ominous the questions were and how intrusive and insidious they were. I mean why does a publisher need to know about your past employer, siblings Hobbies/Interests, Print/Online citations of articles where you have been mentioned?

When was the last time you ever saw that? Not even the king of publishing Rupert Murdoch would dare ask these questions (is it even legal to ask these questions in the first place?) but here it was in front of me (see evidence on page 2...) that was essentially consigning me to becoming a tracking device for a media publisher with unclear motives. Was this an ironic take on George Orwell’s  1984 or a serious attempt by the Hruska/Winklevoss team to tacitly draft you in their continual media appropriation scam?


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  1. Ugh, don’t you hate it when people reference Orwell who clearly have never read 1984? War is Peace, this is not. Calm down.

  2. Scallywag, you really give Rachelle a lot of credit- she’s really not that smart. She’s just filling out her social rolodex…

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