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No love lost between Devorah Rose and Rachelle Hruska.

Interesting- Ms Hruska could hardly wait to see Ms Rose, but now it seems Ms Rose exhausted her uselfulness. Oh well...
Rachelle Hruska -middle, Devorah Rose- right.

Kids, there used to be a time these two used to be  friends. But alas no more. Let’s say it’s more akin to hair pulling and a few kicks under the table if you catch my drift. Anyway, only because we know you would relish in the inner workings of bad behavior and society girls duking it to become the hawt thing in town we thought to share this tasty morsel with you.

In essence it concern’s Devorah Rose’s response to her being bludgeoned by the New York Times yesterday. And as far as I can see the blood is just trickling everywhere. Anyway, I think you will get the drift very very soon. Enjoy the color of blood.

Don’t you wish you were a socialite too? Of course you do…- SCALLYWAG

NYT pestered Devorah Rose for nearly a year, then prints hit job. The color of Blood.

Devorah Rose- the continued drama of being a rising socialite and backstabbed.

From: Devorah Rose <[email protected]>
Subject: Important
To: “LauraHolson” <[email protected]>
Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2011, 9:33 AM

I feel like we shared a lot of honest times over the past few weeks and since you’re writing in the New York Times, every word matters and every reader will take your opinion of me and what you write as fact.  I trust you because you are a real journalist – someone who wants to create an accurate portrayal of her subject. Because truth is important to you, I would like this email to shed light on key points that you made earlier today. I want to make sure that nothing I said is misunderstood.  I truly appreciate it. Thank you.

1.    Rachelle Hruska is not a reliable source.  As a journalist, if you look around hard enough, of course you’ll find a hater. That one person is a tiny fraction of the Manhattan social circuit and in fact has her own agenda. I do think it’s important to include the Rachelle Hruskas of the world – individuals who will change their opinion about someone based on their self-interest.  I’ve attached screen caps of emails that can set the record straight – before she worked side by side with the producers of High Society, Rachelle held me in high regard. She also supposedly believed in being positive and would show her support by sending me screen caps of people writing positive things about me.  Another fact, as seen in the attachment, is that that Rachelle wanted to play an integral role on my original show, Social Heights.  When High Society was later cast, she jumped at the chance and did a complete 180, using her website to attack me in return for money and publicity.  The evidence is in black and white.  Also, I can put you in touch with some real members of society – but, more importantly, some really good people – and you can hear what they think of me.  The Manhattan social circuit isn’t made up of a group of opportunistic mean girls like Rachelle. Finally, it’s important to note that it is in Rachelle Hruska’s interest to say negative things about me since she also writes for Hamptons Magazine, a competitor to Social Life.

2.    In direct response to the statements made by Rachelle: I find it sad that some people are paid to write phony articles and spread rumors and then try to pass that off as journalism. These are people who kissed up to me in public then tried to stab me in the back when it suited their own interests. I’ve never been like that and I never will be. Principles matter to me. And just because it’s harder to accomplish something doing it above board and honestly, that doesn’t deter me; it just makes it that much more rewarding when I do accomplish it.

3.    As far as “being a brand” or the idea that I’m trying to be “like” some reality TV star or celebrity – I do not want

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  1. Honestly, when she realizes what she married, that will be enough suffering for her to make up for low blow like the ones she was dishing out. R was a “nobody” when she swooped in on Gotham from the po-dunk Midwest, and so was her skirt-chasing-now-spouse. (Correction, though: his ex ended the engagement) . And yes Kit le is right – he has that rep and more. I know first hand from maybe 8 different sources. “salacious sources” Or actually, they’re purrrrfect together when you realize how desperate they are to get their grubby hands even dirtier while trying to climb the greasy ladder of self-grandization and importance. You can teach manners, but you can’t teach character and principle. Way to take the high road, Devorah!

  2. She has a nice rack in those pics but honestly I feel a little stupider for reading the article. Thanks anyway and good luck to both Ladies. FOOXie

  3. The NYTimes article demonstrated an agenda by Ms. Holsen to bash Devorah Rose. It is very disapointing, but not unexpected, coming from this outlet. It appears that the NYTimes has it’s own PR workings, as they have demonstrated time and time again, particularly in the Thursday and Sunday edition.
    As for Ms. Hruska, she will eventually have karma knocking on her door. As they say “what goes around comes around”. She just married her wealthy hotelier boyfriend, who by the way is a dog. He’s been engaged in the past and ended it, and has a rep for sleeping with his employees. So all is not as it seems. Ms. Hruska seems about as shallow and narcissitic as he is. Maybe they are a good match!
    Keep your head up Devorah. You gave kept yourself sincere.

  4. Holy Cow! I never had any reason to care about Devorah Rose much before but if this letter is what she actually sounds like then I’ve gotta reconsider. Serious smarts on her! Even if that reporter believed she was writing accurately, how could she go forward and publish it after getting this?? Totally different person than what she depicted!

    And what’s with Rachelle from GofG? Rachelle’s like the social climberiest social climber from social climberville.

    Yep, Devorah just won me over. You go girl!

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