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Florida traffic court judge arrested for taking cell phone pics of man at urinal.


Rhonda Hollander, a 47 year old traffic court judge wanted to try life in the fast lane…

Hollander was arrested after she took candid camera shots inside the men’s room at the West Regional Courthouse, of a man fittingly named Willie Jackson.

nydailynews: A report of the encounter says Willie Jackson Jr. was “getting ready to urinate” when Hollander appeared at the adjoining urinal and began snapping away.

She then took photos of another man entering the restroom before she bolted, ducking inside another judge’s chambers. Police were summoned and quickly located Hollander, who admitted taking the pictures.

When caught, the judge refused to surrender her cell phone, arguing that she was in a public place and because she was taking pictures in a public place broke no laws. Never mind the private business of what was going on in those so called ‘public’ places.

Notwithstanding a minor scuffle with police officers, where she then began taking pictures of the arresting officers (it was also reported  that one of the officers had his fingers bitten), Hollander was eventually released on $700 bail for resisting an officer, assault on an officer  and obstruction with violence, but faced no charge for the lewd loitering.

As one commentator acknowledged; ‘Rhonda Hollander, urine in trouble.’ Hmm- we could hardly agree more…