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Anderson Cooper is appalled with Snooki.


America’s darling, Anderson Cooper, wants you to know, he’s had enough of Snooki— and her outrageous price tag.

Cooper was flabbergasted after Rutgers University recently paid Snooki a whopping $32,000 for her to speak on campus; but that’s not the end of it. SpookiSnooki and her fellow Jersey Shore castmates are said to be making an even more astounding $100,000 an episode in their upcoming fourth season filmed in Italy.

To put that in an even more disturbing perspective, the $32,000 price tag for Snooki was $2,000 more than they paid Nobel Prize winning author Toni Morrison to speak at the university this month.

Cooper read an insightful passage from Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye” before cheekily comparing it to a quote from “A Shore Thing,” Snooki’s book released in January. “And I quote,” he said,”‘Any Juicehead will get some nut shrinkage and bacne.'”

Hailing the tri-state trash a barrage of names Cooper sums Snooki up as:

An impossibly lucky, unusually spunky, freakishly tan, beer guzzling, juicehead hugging, muscle loving, Botero body, pint-sized, money making machine.”

Cooper, 43, kept the jabs coming, adding that the amount is equal to “about 2857 tanning sessions, which is about what she probably needs per year.”

But, unfortunately for us all, she also gets the last laugh— all the way to the bank. We’re sure, even in the bedroom, that no one else has ever made Anderson Cooper quote the diminishing size of some dude’s balls with such passion as our dear Snooki.


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