Home Scandal and Gossip Woman bites off boyfriend’s testicles.

Woman bites off boyfriend’s testicles.


One too many pints?

One man wont be having too much to do with his ex girlfriend going forward…

nzherald.com: A UK man has undergone surgery to reattach his testicles – after his girlfriend allegedly bit them off after a drunken night out.

Martin Douglas, 45, was in so much pain when he rang for an ambulance at 4am that operators could hardly understand what he was saying, according to the tabloid Daily Mirror.

Ambulance staff called police when they saw the extent of the self-employed DJ’s injuries.

Douglas’ now-ex-girlfriend Maria Georgina Topp, 43, was arrested and has appeared in court charged with causing grievous bodily harm.

Under a court order, she is not permitted to enter the city of Newcastle or to approach Douglas.

Let’s hope surgery worked out better than the relationship…

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