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Why women are foolish to think that men wont cheat on them…


Of course your boyfriend or husband would never cheat on you, until of course he does…

I once  found myself in front of a woman who happened to be on a lengthy phone conversation with her daughter Lala whose boyfriend

was having a scandalous affair. Lala was now confiding in her mother, who was riding a bus back to New York with a low cell phone battery and a container of spaghetti. While her daughter was in the very midst of a break down the woman replies… ”sweetheart there are over 2 million beautiful woman in this world. Now if you think your man is going to be faithful than you’re a fool”. This comment caught my immediate attention and I began to contemplate the verity of this.

I have decided that there were only two possible reasons for this woman’s blatant statement…

One: Due to a past relationship involving infidelity she has developed a bitter resentment toward all men.

Two: she was a genial mastermind who was also remarkably honest and very realistic.


Now let’s discuss option number one… We have all heard that Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn. And any man who has wronged a woman knows first hand that this statement is very precise. Women are sweet and bursting with effeminacy until their feelings are hurt, and Dr. Jekyll, becomes Mr. Hyde. Now lets presume the woman on the bus was wronged by a previous lover…can we blame her for her bitter judgment of men? Mignon McLaughlin once said that “Good-looking girls break hearts, and good-hearted girls mend them”; however he failed to mention what broken hearted girls do.

Society tell us how to get a man, how to make a man marry you, how to get a man to open up, how to give a man the best orgasm, how to cook for a man, how to be the perfect best friend, girlfriend, lover, wife, and mother of his children, however they are yet to inform us how to keep a man faithful. Must we cook and clean and be perfect virgin-whores and just pray that our men won’t be tempted by other women?

The truth is…we must…because no matter how much we try we will never be able to change mans reason. Because while a woman’s head is always influenced by her heart, a man’s heart is always influenced by his head, and not the one on his shoulders.

But If a man sees how much I love him, if he sees how much I have to give and offer he will be a good man for me and for us right ? Wrong.

Oscar Wilde who once spoke … “All men are wicked. They grow old but they never become good”. Since the dawn of day, when Adam first allowed a woman to coerce him into committing the ultimate sin, men have been destined to be weak and incompetent. When he put that apple in his mouth he doomed all men to a life of ineffectual frugality when it comes to commitment. However women have the misconceived notion that all the love they have to give is enough to change that. That the potency of their “I love you” can move mountains and change mankind. Reality is it moves nothing but possibly a man’s anxiety level.

Now option two: Realism

Perhaps this wise woman is well aware of mans true nature and rather than giving her daughter empty, useless words of comfort (that in the end wont un-do the fact that her man screwed someone else), is simply being truthful. Realistic is she? If so, many questions are raised…

Is the reputation men have developed concerning their faithfulness inevitable? As women are we all destined to a world wind romance followed by a grave heart break? Or is it just us girls too sucked in by the culture that tells us just because we’re so willing to love and fall in love that our partner will be hardwired to behave and respond accordingly? So much for fairy tales and girl gets boy happily ever after unless you happen to be living the one in a million dream. Then again who said women don’t cheat on men either?

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  1. As a person who admits to having been on both sides of the cheater line, l know this for a fact — in the right place, at the right time, with the right person, anyone will cheat — however, some are more likely than others and part of finding a suitable mate is assessing whether or not the person has a good character, one able to live with integrity, resist temptation and maintain commitments.

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