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Six Habits You Need to Quit Right Away before dating.

Six Habits You Need to Quit Right Away before dating.
What you ought to be thinking about before setting out on dating.

Building relationships is a difficult task, as two different people usually have different viewpoints on the same situations. One more obstacle on the way to building sturdy relationships are our habits that may be annoying and even offensive for our partners. Here are six bad habits you need to quit right away created by Ukrainian dating site Godatenow.com.

Poor Hygiene

You must admit it that people neglecting personal appearance are not very attractive. They have fewer chances to find a life partner and more chances not to be asked for a second date. Indeed, no woman will like a man with a week’s growth on his chin, just like no man will like a woman with a dirty and greasy hair. Bad breath, as well as body odor are unlikely to increase your allure. To make a good impression on your partner, always pay attention to your appearance and clothes.


It goes without saying that everyone wants to have a generous partner and not someone who will scrimp and save every time you go out for a date. Generosity is a good way to show your attitude to someone you love. At the same time it is necessary to remember that effuse expense is also not the best habit. Even if you have a habit of spending money rationally, try not to turn this habit into an obsession.

Wearing Too Much Perfume

Of course, you should smell good, but wearing too much perfumes is not the best decision to make a good impression on your partner. Otherwise speaking, you should smell fresh but not like an air freshener.

Lack of Self-Confidence

It is quite clear, that everyone puts best leg foremost to make a good impression on a partner. However, do not get obsessed with this desire. Unfortunately, many people make a huge mistake by concentrating on a partner’s reaction to what they say or do, rather than on the conversation itself. You need to understand that lack of self esteem is the first step to failure. Try to behave just like you behave in your everyday life and everything will go smoothly.

Intrusion Upon Personal Space

Personal Space is something that belongs to only one person, something that you should always respect and never invade. Dimensions of a personal space depends on the stage of your relationship and on how close you and your partner are. To understand how far you can go, you need to be very attentive to your partner. Pay attention to any changes in the behavior of your partner and once you notice that something goes wrong, just talk to your partner.

Using Pickup Skills

Unfortunately, everything you have learned about using canned pickup lines to make acquaintance with a girl is not as effective as it may seem. Indeed, a guy using standard phrases for starting a conversation can hardly interest a woman.

At the same time, when using all these studied phrases you show lack of confidence. It is a lot more better to smile and say “Hello” than using canned lines. To build long-lasting relationships you need to be patient and attentive your your partner’s feelings. If you manage to quit the mentioned above habits, going this thorny path will be a lot easier.

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Six Habits You Need to Quit Right Away before dating.


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