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Non-Verbal Signs Signaling She Wants to Kiss You

Non-Verbal Signs Signaling She Wants to Kiss You
Knowing when a woman wants to kiss us men is a matter of getting to know what to non verbal signs to look for….

So much can be said by our gestures and body movements. The non-verbal expression of what we really feel or think sometimes can be more eloquent than the words we utter.

Women are more sensitive to body language and many of them can easily interpret even the most subtle changes in the facial expression or posture. Probably, most men would like to learn to decipher body language especially in those situations when they want to know what is going on in a woman’s head.

One of those moments when men wish they could read women’s thoughts is the dating time. Men get lost in guesses as to whether she is ready for the kiss. Have a closer look at her and figure out her desire by the following body language signs created by Russia Dates RomanceComapass.com


Have you ever noticed that the pupils of your eyes dilate when you get interested in something, look at something or someone pleasant, or when you’re surprised or scared. Your first (or any, actually) date is just the case when all that is happening simultaneously: you’re both interested and a bit frightened.

Look at her eyes: are they getting wider as your conversation goes on? Does she maintain a continuous eye contact? Congratulations, she is into you. The main thing here is not to hesitate because it’s you who is supposed to make the first move. If you wonder how to know whether she wants something more, again look her in the eyes: you’ll never confuse that look that calls for immediate actions with something else.


When the athletes are getting ready for the start they usually take a deep breath and one can see how their nostrils flare. The same happens to a person’s nose when he or she is excited about something or somebody. If you see your girlfriend’s wide nostrils that may mean she is getting ready for your move to kiss her. Note, that this sign can’t be interpreted isolated from other body language hints. If you want to be sure that she really wants to be kissed, you should take into account other body language signs.


If you notice that she starts licking her lips that means she is subconsciously preparing them for the upcoming kiss. This way she is deliberately trying to focus her attention on her lips. You should be very attentive because it can be a misleading gesture. Maybe, it’s her bad habit or compulsive gesture and she is doing that all the time. She may also do that because she’s been nervous and her lips dried up. So you should learn her natural behavior so that you can regard any deviation as a meaningful signal.

Non-Verbal Signs Signaling She Wants to Kiss You
The eyes have it all…


One of the most expressive signs of her readiness and willingness to be kissed is her touch. If she (as if) accidentally touches your hand, watch, or the button on your jacket, this way she hints at her deep interest in your personality. This is a reciprocal sign so you have to touch her first that she feels your attitude towards her. You shouldn’t be very pushy: a playful touch in the middle of your conversation will do to make a connection between you two and show her your intentions.


Have a close look at her body. By the way she sits, you can tell whether she is interested in you. If her feet are pointed at you, if she is not hiding her hands under the table or don’t cross her arms, she feels comfortable with you and trusts you. Also, if you notice that you are getting closer and the distance between you is getting shorter, she lets you into her intimate communication zone. It’s the sign that you may try to kiss her because if she wasn’t that interested in you, she wouldn’t let you come so near.

You should know that the correct interpretation of body language signs also depends on the communication signals. To get everything right, you should perceive her verbal and non-verbal signals altogether. What’s her reaction to your jokes? If she laughs at all your jokes even if they are not very funny, then she’s charmed by you. Is she asking the questions aimed at getting to know you better? If yes, the chances that she is waiting for a kiss are very high. All you need to do is to make the first move and watch her reaction. If she doesn’t push you away, go on.

Non-Verbal Signs Signaling She Wants to Kiss You7
Notice her leaning and pointing towards you …