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Carrot or stick: choose the best approach to your woman

Carrot or stick: choose the best approach to your woman
Carrot or stick: choose the best approach to your woman
The strategy to a long lasting love may be in the way you approach it. Keys to successful relationships explored.

It is commonly known that love has no purpose or aim, this feeling exists, grows, lowers and vanishes in entirely uncertain ways. But when we talk about the relationship, we have to point out that they can be built. We’ve chosen at Jump4Love Ukraine Dating Agency some different approaches to creation of a perfect couple:

1. Reward and punishment: together you can invent the unique equivalent of carrot and stick system. For example, being late for a supper would cost half an hour of dishwashing this week; if she was perfect in bed this night (BUT remember – she’s always perfect, tonight she just got a bit better) you compliment her with favorite sweets etc. Your system can be strict or flexible, rewards and penalties can be whatever you want.

The main advantage of this model is the correlation between its playful atmosphere and deductive influence. But from the other side, it may lead to unexpected quarrels and offences. And you don’t really need those, yeah?

2. Daddy and daughter: you can create an analogue of parental care around her. This method can be dramatically effective: a girl is never old enough to behave as a child, it’s never an infantilism, but ‘her nature’. You may use this as your weapon; orders, demands and moralization – everything works when used properly. BUT be careful – she might become ungoverned as kids often are, and your preaching will no longer affect her. And even in terms of this concept you must sometimes let her be the leader or she will simply run away from your pressing.

3. Be a man. By all means. Whatever is going on with your life – never complain. You can tell her about your troubles, BUT only to hear her point of view at this situation or ask for feasible help (if she wants to). Listen to her complaints – they will disappear momentarily if you take part in solving her issues. Good words without deeds worth nothing at all – this should be your agenda in the relationship.

4. Listening is everything: you both should learn how to observe each other. Talking is in women genome, basically she just needs to speak out all her thoughts to understand herself. You don’t actually have to participate the conversation, but fretted look and concerned eyes are a must. As well, she has to learn to listen to you. Mutual understanding is simultaneously a frame and a groundwork for your comfortable life as a couple. All other parts of relationship will appear later and won’t take too much time to adjust.

5. Join her: try to spend as much free time as you can with her. She falls in love with you even more if notices that you are trying to share her interests and hobbies. BUT don’t forget that it is extremely important to leave some blank space for oneself – you and her – or else you can get tired of each other much faster than you can imagine.

Carrot or stick: choose the best approach to your woman

It is important to notice that the best approach is a mixture of what was said. Although, some defining elements haven’t been mentioned are. Next few are obligatory components of your relationships:

1. Perfect sex. Yes. Nothing good ever was built without good sex. Your success in bed would often equal to your professional success, but it’s rather a theory than a rule. And excellent sex is a nice endorsement of your mutual understanding – everywhere.

2. Trust. Life can be rough and put us into remarkably strange occasions. But what should be constant about you is trust – whatever happens in between.

3. Don’t be obsessed of your habits. They are a part of you, for sure, but there’s always an opportunity to change yourself (or improve). And so, improving yourself means improving your couple (note: this is a job for two, or else it doesn’t make any sense).

All of those things are important but remember – every girl is unique, so the development of relations will take unique measures. Think wise!