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Seven Tips to Make Relationships Last Longer

building healthy love relationships
Building healthy love relationships: How to make relationships last.
healthy love relationships
Building healthy love relationships: How to make relationships last.

Building Healthy Love Relationships: Steps & strategies towards providing the foundation for  long term success between couples.

Regardless of whether you have been married for ten years or dating for ten months, relationships are formed on commitment and continue only with mutual trust, respect, and consistent effort.

Simply saying your connection with your partner is special is only an understatement. You will have to work towards making it better continually. Though every relationship is different, there is no perfect relationship in the world. But can you make it better? Well, most certainly you can. So, here, we will discuss some of the most helpful tips that can help you better your relationship with your partner. Let us get started and address these tips one by one.

Ask them something new.

One of the best ways to make any relationship work is effective communication. Of course, it is always nice to ask your partner how their day went. However, if you ask it over and over again, it can be pretty dull. Instead, accentuate the conversation between you and your partner by putting in additional effort to know something more specific from your partner. With this adapted approach, you do not get into the monotony of a routine and enjoy meaningful discussions.  

‘My husband of eight years loves soccer, and I love watching new shows. So, we make it a point to discuss his favorite player and some gossip from my favorite shows. 

Maintain an emotional connection with one another 

You and your partner can make each other feel emotionally fulfilled and loved. There is a huge difference between being loved and feeling loved. In the case of the latter, you actually feel valued and accepted by your partner. When you feel loved, you know that your partner truly understands and gets you. Unfortunately, at times the relationships get stuck in a peaceful coexistence without the partner 100% relating to one another emotionally. In this case, even if the union seems stable on the surface, a dearth of ongoing involvement and emotional connection only happens to add to the distance between two people.


All of us make mistakes. This is a hard and a cold fact of life. If you genuinely care about the other person, you will know how to forgive their mistakes. Holding onto grudges with one another can prove to be hugely toxic in your relationship. It is certainly not something you would want to do if you wish to make your relationship last longer. I

‘Me and my boyfriend have been in a relationship for eight years. We do have fights and differences. There are things we do not agree upon, but we move past it, forgive each other for the fights, and keep the relationship stronger. Both of us are now planning to get married. I guess that is how relationships work,’ shares Mia, an educator who provides students with guidance services. 

Be a good teammate

Relationships are like a two-person job. If you want the relationship to work, both of you need to put in an equal amount of effort. Of course, there can be days when your partner gives a 60, and you put in a 40, or you put in an 80, and your partner puts in a 20, but this trend cannot continue for long.

building healthy love relationships
Building healthy love relationships: How to make relationships last.

For a relationship to sail through all difficulties and fights, the effort has to be 50-50 on most of the days. It includes everything from general house chores if you live together to managing the kids. In a relationship where you are the only one contributing physically and emotionally, the end is not far. Remember, it is a two-way street. If it ever runs one-way, you are not going to make it.   

When you are at fault, take responsibility.

Whenever their trust is broken, or infidelity is involved, it is vital to take complete responsibility for what happened and acknowledge that your behavior may have hurt your partner. You cannot be defensive or sidestepping your fault. However, do not get into the self-loathing mode. You have to own it respectfully and lovingly and give your partner the time and space to react. Simultaneously you should also make an effort to rebuild trust. 

Allow your partner to re-win your trust. 

At times you may be hurt or angry, but if you want to keep the relationship, you have to set things aside and acknowledge that your partner is making an effort to win back your trust. Trust can only be restored if the person who has had their trust broken gives the other person a fair chance to earn it back. 

Give each other space.

Regardless of how happy and content you are in the relationship, it would be best if you had some alone time,’ comments Jessica, who offers relationship counseling servicesA good relationship is one where you are able to spend time away from each other while you work on your individual dreams and aspiration.

You, too, need to spend time with your family and friends and practice your hobbies. Please do not put the burden of your happiness solely on your partner. Further, do not be threatened when your partner seeks some space from you or a few nights to themselves now and then. Both of you should take time away from each other to focus on yourself. As an individual, you should both be whole in yourself. It should be like two complete people who decide on sharing their lives.