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9 Signs That You Might Be in a Negative Relationship

Are you in a toxic relationship? It might be time to seek out a relationship counselor.
toxic relationship
Are you in a toxic relationship? It might be time to seek out a relationship counselor.

Are you in a negative relationship? 9 Signs That You Might Be in a Toxic Relationship and how the two of you can save your love and perhaps seek out a relationship counselor. 

Unfortunately, not all relationships are healthy. And if you question yours, there’s a high probability that you’re in negative relationships. 

And many people are stuck in them without even realizing it at once. At first, your partner might have been the best and the sweetest in the world, but then, they changed for the worse. 

It’s necessary to recognize it and work on the negative relationships. No matter the triggers of such negative changes, you’ve got to take charge of your life. Most importantly, ensure you’re safe, and nothing affects your well-being. 

Check out these 9 tell-tale signs to discover if you are in negative relationships and know the red flags. You will also find out how a relationship counselor can help you.

Your Partner Is Always Taking and Not Giving

If your partner takes and takes more without giving back, it may be a sign that you’re in a negative relationship. 

It could be anything — from compliments and presents to time, money, and effort. If your partner always takes and never gives, it’s an unhealthy tendency. Good relationships maintain a sound balance between giving and receiving.

Your Significant Other Has Trust Issues

Does your partner always accuse you without reason? If you noticed trust issues in your partner, it could sign more severe inner issues in them. 

Although many people have an unpleasant experience of betrayals and infidelity, healthy relationships are built on trust. Perhaps, it’s time to discuss it and help your partner trust you.

Excessive Jealousy

If your partner has extreme jealousy issues for no reason, you are in negative relationships. Their extreme jealousy might show through constant accusations of cheating and infidelity, even if you’ve been meeting with friends. 

toxic relationship
Are you in a toxic relationship? It might be time to seek out a relationship counselor.

You could also notice it if your partner is always preventing you from social interaction with other people. That said, your spouse must learn how to control excessive jealousy since they should not be in a healthy relationship.   

Constant Arguments

Are you always arguing with your significant other, especially about common & daily issues? Arguments can arise in relationships from time to time. However, constant arguing is not a healthy sign. There are arguments stemming from love and intentions, and then there are those born of frustration or anger. 

Couples should talk with each other about what types of arguments they’re experiencing and whether they’re constructive or destructive. In this case, affordable therapy online or in-person might help. 

seeking out a relationship counselor
Are you in a toxic relationship? Constant arguments & judging by your partner?

Constant Judgement from Your Partner

Is your partner always judging you? If they are, you are in unhealthy relationships. A good relationship is uplifting, loving, and supportive, free of judgment. Constant critique and rude comments actually cross the line from being critical to being abusive. 

Selfish Behavior from Your Partner

A selfish person isn’t an ideal candidate when it comes to strong relationships. A selfish partner will only care about what they want and not pay mind to your feelings, wants, or desires. 

They will rarely if ever, ask about your preferences when selecting stuff like food, films, etc. While it may seem trivial at first, such selfishness will likely breed more significant future problems.

You’re Constantly Worrying About Upsetting Your Partner

Are you always worried about upsetting your partner to the point that you aren’t your true self around them? Being around your partner should not make you nervous. 

If you feel like you have to walk on eggshells in order to avoid an angry outburst from your partner, the chances are that you’re in an abusive relationship. In a healthy relationship, your partner should make you feel safe and loved. Relationships are about feeling loved and shouldn’t be filled with fear.

You Don’t Feel Supported

Having a good support mechanism is paramount and will help you thrive. A romantic partner should be your number one cheerleader and supporter. And they should be there regardless of what life during the good and bad times is. 

If you are in an unhealthy relationship, you won’t experience this kind of support. If a person doesn’t make an effort to be present when you need them, they aren’t an ideal partner.


A codependent relationship involves one person immersing themselves entirely in making the other happy. In most cases, they give up everything else. In codependent relationships, one party puts the other’s needs above their own in a way that isn’t healthy.

If you are in such a relationship, it may not be healthy for you. You can try online counseling to help you out with it.

Therapy to Deal with a Negative Relationship

In some cases of unhealthy relationships, you might succeed in working this out through relationship therapy. If you cherish your partner deeply and want to keep the relationship, you can try to cope with issues through counseling online.

You don’t need to struggle in silence. Improve your relationships and make your life meaningful with them!