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7 Major Causes of Breakups in Relationships

Relationship Breakup Causes:
Relationship Breakup Causes: Will your love relationship succeed or fail? Image via Pexel.
Relationship Breakup Causes:
Relationship Breakup Causes: Will your love relationship succeed or fail? Image via Pexels.

Relationship Breakup Causes: What’s likely to lead to your love relationship succeeding or failing? A run-down of 7 major themes that challenges many couples. 

Despite the tremendous development of communication channels in the 21st century, relationships have not become more manageable. Divorce cases have been on the rise across various parts of the world. 

There are many reasons linked to relationship breakups. Some people experience two to three breakups in a row. Due to these recurring breakups, people find it easier to commit themselves to relationships and marriages. The following are some of the leading causes of breakups.

1.  Cheating

A relationship or a marriage is based on a vow to be faithful to each other. In the 21st century, a higher percentage of women and men are not loyal to each other. Unfaithfulness can be either emotional or sexual. 

When a third party is involved in a relationship, there is always a sense of betrayal, and trust is lost forever. Cheating is a major cause of breakups. Additionally, the modern nature of employment and social lives has made it easy for people to cheat.

2.  Long Distance

Previously, distance was not a significant problem in relationships. People used to stay in the same location for a long time without separating. Due to education, employment, and other commitments, there are several causes of long-distance relationships. 

Through the assistance of immigration lawyers, it is easy to travel to another country for various reasons. Couples nowadays can spend their time in different cities or other parts of the world.

Distance separation is one of the leading causes of strains and problems in relationships or marriages.

3.  Communication

It is common for couples not to communicate their feelings or grievances to each other. This is due to self-preservation and lack of trust in couples. Many problems can be solved through communication. 

4.  Expectations

Previously, people got married early based on compatibility, attraction, and social-economic backgrounds. Nowadays, persons entering a marriage or relationship have social and career expectations of their lives. They have specific priorities that they aspire to achieve. 

Additionally, couples have opinions about the priorities that they are searching for in their partners. Unfortunately, romantic relationships fail to match these expectations.

5.  Compatibility Issues

Romantic relationships or marriages are mainly based on having fun with each other, attraction, and romance whirlwind. However, compatibility means spending years with each other without relationship tensions or fighting.

A successful relationship should be characterized by friendship, compatibility, and matching personality. 

6.  Bad Behaviours

Destructive behaviours are characterized by engaging in bad habits such as smoking, excessive partying, and excessive drinking. Physical assaults and drug abuse are also reasons linked to marriage breakups.

Lack of respect towards each other and narcissism can also result in tensions within a marriage or relationship.

7.  Financial Issues

People have different opinions on money matters. This may make a couple engage in a toxic argument. Financial freedom is another problem. Many breakup and divorce cases occur during challenging economic times. 


Many reasons lead to breakups or divorces, as witnessed in various cases. Rather than solving a problem, many couples may terminate their relationship due to a small problem. A successful relationship requires handwork and commitment.