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Making Your Long-term Relationship Work: A Survival Guide for Partners

Making Your Long-term Relationship Work

Making Your Long-term Relationship Work

Making Your Long-term Relationship Work: Being in a long distance relationship can test the best of us, but that oughtn’t lead to despair as a practical survive guide shows how to make it work.

Strengthening your relationship from afar is a very hard task; as one famous writer characterized it, “existing in a long distance relationship with a loved one brings new meaning to the sense of feeling ‘lost’”. Familiar feelings? Right… Those who currently are, or have ever been, in such a relationship may tell tons of stories about drowning into loneliness, jealousy, and doubt. Most of you have even allowed yourself a momentous thought: Is that really worth it? Or is it time to quit for self-protection?” Definitely, a long-distance relationship is a drain on emotional and psychological resources, and it can kill the strongest love, unless…

Unless you collect all your strength and courage to make the relationship positive before your negative feelings and psychological torments take control over you! It is not easy, but possible – learn to direct your negative energy towards constructive thought and behaviors, and you will soon regain your emotional well-being. Your partner will also feel that – released pressure, renewed pleasure in communication. That’s worth it! But how, you may ask? Here are some useful tips

1. Rediscover the pleasure of indulging in your beloved, and make every effort to show how special you regard him or her to be. Telling the words of love at a distance is not always easy, but opening your heart and receiving the same in return will pay off!

2. Take a new look at yourself and your personal life; why drown in the feelings of loneliness and longing if you can spend the time without your mate to fulfill your long-cherished dream? If you were planning to lose a couple of kilos, or wanted to learn to draw, or dreamt of taking a couple of dancing classes – that’s the right time.

3. Loneliness is often debilitating; it is a very negative destructive feeling that drains your life sources and makes you simply pathetic. Do not bury yourself alive; try to involve in physical activities more, express your feelings creatively, but do not conceal your torture – tell your partner sincerely about the hard time you are having missing him or her. Your beloved’s emotional support will also be very helpful in getting over this rough emotional period.

4. Stress and suspicion about your partner’s cheating may be really dangerous. First, it may exhaust you and even lead to a nervous breakdown. Second, it may ruin your relationships in case suspicions turn into a real paranoia. Our advice is: do not cultivate this feeling inside, try to communicate openly with your partner, do not fear asking questions, clarify your expectations towards him or her. This will heal you mentally and emotionally, and will guarantee a strengthened relationship bond.

Still stressed and desperate about your long-distance relationship? Look at some sobering questions prepared by relationship experts from www.marriageagency-nataly.net; every person in doubt should ask them to reboot the relationship, or at least change an attitude to distance:

  1. Would your relationship improve if you lived together?
  2. Does he or she bring out the best in you?
  3. Do you like who you are as a result of being in this relationship?
  4. Does your partner bring you pleasure and joy of life?

If all answers are “yes”, then go back to the start of the article and read our advice on overcoming stress, doubts, jealousy, and loneliness to help your long distance relationship survive!