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Selena Gomez- punched in the face or drench kissed by Justin Bieber?


If I go out on a dinner date and return with a bruised lip does that mean I had a good time or a bad time?

On the heels of the teen relationship of the year between that of pop heart throb Justin Bieber and Disney manufactured princess Selena Gomez twitter followers and the media alike have spent the last few hours wildly speculating the origins of what appeared to be an excruciating red bump on our princesses lip as the duo walked out of their dinner date at LA’s Maggiano‘s.

Rumor had it that Bieber had hit princess and that’s when the world got on its knees and looked for the meaning of life and whether the American teenager was on a self colliding course.

Gawker: The believability of this is telling. #sorryjustin trended on Twitter as thousands of Beliebers gossiped about the supposed incident. Many reveled in Selena’s pain. Here’s one typically gleeful Belieber reaction: “Selena Gomez was punched in the face? Hahahahahaha.” Tweeted another: “U GO THE BELIEBER WHO PUNCHED SELENA IN THA FACE!!! U GO GHURLLLL!!!!! PUNCHHER HARDER NEXT TIME:):):) LOL.” Buzz over a possible video of Selena getting punched in the face soared almost as high as that surrounding Justin Bieber’s own 3D movie.

In the end the rumors were dispelled by the teenager’s PR machine (which has this author wondering when was the last time you ran into a teenager with a PR team?) allowing the media and devout twitter followers to once again resume life against the backdrop of our new national obsession- the coming and goings of two 17 year old children. Which begs the obvious question, how long before every teenager in America hires their own public relations team?

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  • heey people i feel so sorry for selena but not sure if he did punch her you never know and i love justin he is so cute and selena well i like her but i got kinda mad when i found out that she was dating him but got over it. thanks i love u justin

  • bieberbaby

    i dnt care what no one say i am a real justin biebr fan but i dnt think he should go out with selena …………….i think justin even love it when is fan do bad stuff to her beacuse if he didn’t the would have stop postins pictures on the internet with the both of them kissins


  • hahhahha sucker lol thats what u get loser hope u get punch againg

  • eve

    hah. i like jb but not selena so.. sucker!

  • anonymous

    i agree with #7 its not right or funny that his girlfriend got punched in the face. just because we cant have a celeb like him doesnt mean that his gf should get punished for being so i luv with him its not her fault.

  • anonymous

    we can have justin bieber okay he is a sweet guy just lay off and give him a break

  • maria

    LOOK HEAR BItches none of your uglys asses will ever date justin bieber so get it threw your freaken head you have no chance And dont hate selena for being pretty it not her fault justin likes her SO GET A FUCKEN LIFE!! 🙂

  • Mike

    sthu up about selena. you people are disgusting saying “good job, justin bieber” you dont know either of them as a person. and to whoever wrote this, screw you. crossing out ‘manufactured’ is childish and idiotic. selena is amazing, shes WAYYY better then justin bieber.

  • anonymous

    you guys r not ture justin bieber fans because if you where then you would be happy for him and not think its funny that his girlfriend got punched in the face just because we cant get justin that does not mean that no one else can have him.

  • Anonymous

    ummm you guys r not ture justin bieber fans because if you where you would be happy for him and not be so mean to selena gomez

  • Anonymous

    lolz finally somebody knocked some sense into her lol

  • Justin Bieber and selena gomez are in love
    Kissa and Tell
    Melissa Marie

  • i cant believe she got punch in the face wow i guess that meeans she has to break up with justin cuz she cant still be dating him with a bruise lip

  • hahaha tipe selena gomez fackes anthere is naked pictures of her

  • ahahhahah yeah i hope – punched 🙂