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Just in case you were wondering there is now one more Justin Bieber look alike.

Should you be a Justin Bieber lookalike  too?

Kids, I don’t know about you, but every time I lay my eyes on JB I’m always rushing to the other room for a little private downtime if you know what I mean.

That said, there just might be one more heavenly creature who I will stare lovingly at as he hangs above my bedroom door.

Who you wonder?

Let’s read the email that made its way in our inbox this morning….

One day when Dylan Rhinerson least expects it he too will be hanging on the back of your bedroom door.

Are you a JB lookalike too…?


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  1. Hey! yoo r sooo cute! r u homosexual by any chance bc u look like it! i am and i would love 2 date u hun ! This is my number though cutie pie : call me boo!

  2. Just saw the movie/ it was actually a good movie. Even tho I only went cuz my gf wanted to go.. Yeah u kinda resemble him 😉

  3. Hey man I have to say, you do look like me! lol If you was a little older I would say we might be twins. haha

  4. Well to all of you all wanting my number how about you just put yours as a coment and ill txt you. And i never really thought i ooked like bieber untill my sister put this on facebook.lol.

  5. People think my brother looks like justin bieber They tell him all the time, but boy my brother aint got s*#t on this kid. hot, sexy, cute, gorgeous and all of the above

  6. He should have left his phone number haha not that I would call him or anything. ok YES im lying so Dylan if you read this send me your number <3<3

  7. There are lots of kids these days that look like Justin Bieber, but I have to say this is one of the closest ones Ive seen.

  8. Wow, all he needs is a little make up and he could be Justins twin. I think he looks more like Justin Bieber than that Jamie Laou kid does. I’ll take the second date. lol

  9. lol, i know this kid! his mom is my good friend, and i will admit, he looks like justin bieber in person as well!

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