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Will Lilo get out of her $600 000 credit card jam?


Mindless disasters in America…

Lilo’s coke habits (let’s not even pretend it’s anything else…) are really starting to catch up with her and the world is once again peering in between the white lines to see how Lilo gets herself out of this delicious jam.

According to the NY Post:

Despite her lack of any real income over the past year, RadarOnline reported today that Lohan hasn’t cut back on her spending and is now over half a million dollars in the hole.

“Lindsay owes credit cards $600,000,” a source told RadarOnline of the troubled 23-year-old.

The former “Parent Trap” star used to make loads of money in the past by doing club appearances, but as RadarOnline.com previously reported, the invites “are becoming sparse and the starlet gets only from $5,000 to $10,000 at most.”

$600 000? When was the last time you came across a 23 year old with a $600 000 overhead? But then again Lilo isn’t your typical adolescent either. She’s America’s amalgamated sewer basin.

Wow, you know the country is still in a recession when Lilo can only make $5-10 K rocking into some club, doing blow and and get plastered. That must be an unheard of inconvenience, surely God could make life easier for Lilo by raining blow all day so she can collect it off the ground with her nostrils and finally use the money to pay back her debtors who at this stage are probably are all her blow connections. Isn’t it wonderful being 23 and utterly irresponsible?

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