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Hollywood is Taking Recycling Way Too Far.


mischaSecond Time’s a Charm.

Like stale bread, Mischa Barton was discarded by both her fans, the media, and Hollywood. Instead of seeing her on the big screen, all we saw were glimpses of her stumbling out of nightclubs or walking her dog with gossip magazines pointing out her cellulite.

Apparently, she did her fair share of work, but none of it was even given the light of day.  Seriously? That bad, huh? She seemed to hit her lowest point in both her life and career when she was admitted to a psychiatric ward earlier this year. From there, she sat tight while she graced posters and TV screens with The Beautiful Life: the show that was going to bring her back.

Boohoo, The Beautiful Life was canceled after only 2 episodes. Seriously, that bad. With the stars devastated— apparently they were in their makeup chairs getting ready to shoot when they received the phone call— the show drifted off into oblivion as fast as it had made its entrance.

But now (network executives who are most likely blitzed or spun) are bringing this failed show back to TV.  Do they think a second time around might be better? The acting will improve? The storyline will stop being rehashed juvenile fodder? Dont count on it. With an ex-star and show boasting a bad rep, let’s hope that the executives went all out. The one thing worse than being canceled and forgotten is being canceled and forgotten twice.

Mushys Second Chance – Perez Hilton

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