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Good news! Cafe with Topless Waitresses to Reopen.


toplessKeeping you happy during the fall season.

Just in case you were wondering where to get your next cafe latte with your perky half naked waitress in full view, look no further than the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop at Vassalboro, Maine. Originally burned down by arsonists back in June (apparently conjecture has it that the local town wasn’t very impressed when the cafe first set up shop), owner Donald Crabtree is adamant that his little oasis will be back up and running just in time for the wonderful fall season approaching us. How do the waitresses feel about coming back to work you wonder. With unemployment at a nagging high, it seems the gals are both relieved and at the same embittered to be going back to work.

According to the Boston Herald:

Star Cunningham, a 22-year-old waitress at the shop, told the US’s Sunday Best that they have encountered so much resistance due to the lack of similar venues in the area.

“I think people make a big deal about it because they’re not used to something like this,” she said.

Another topless waitress, Lisa Beaudreau, 23, said lack of employment options made working at the shop an attractive option.

“It’s really hard to find a job in this area. The unemployment rate is really high,” Ms Beaudreau said.

We’re not sure what to expect once the cafe starts serving its steamy lattes but one thing is for sure oppression and tough times make for wonderful extended Sunday afternoons. We’ll have a double latte…

Boston Herald
Maine man has permit to reopen topless coffee shop
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