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Next time you feel like singing Karaoke think twice…


postWhen the mob turn on you.


Going to a karaoke bar should be for most of us a pleasant experience where for one evening you get to sound like your favorite rock star or just belt out a few cause you felt like it. That of course is the premise but unfortunately for a 25-year-old woman from Port Chester, N.Y., when she got up to sing she was not met with a standing ovation. In fact she was met with six women, all under the legal drinking age of 21, who came and knocked her to the floor, punched her and pulled her hair. (yippee) In the suffered bruises and a chipped tooth.

Our suggestion stick to the basics- anything by Bon JOVI, don’t go for the long wails and if you must sing out of key do it with your body guards standing some where near you cause eventually the mob will come looking for you.

The moral of the story- sometimes it’s better to stay home and save yourself the aggravation – otherwise get ready to deal with the mob.


Cops: Women beat up gal because they didn’t like her karaoke singing