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Lindsanity Trying to Infect Miley?


heavenLindsay Lohan, our favorite media whore, is sadly dwindling away into nothing more than that – a media whore. No movies in sight, no nothing in sight but the glorious path of self-destruction through narcissism and ego-fueled attacks.

Lilo recently reached out to Miley Cyrus, (who by the looks of her semi-nude pictures, ain’t too far away from Lilo’s path), via Twitter saying: “@mileycyrus will you be in Paris this week? would you like to come to the Emanuel Ungaro show for the new collection i’ve designed love? xo*”

Yes, we know that Miley is destined to go down that party route once her tween years are over, but is Lilo giving her a head start? Miley is still 16, so drinking is out, drugs are out – what? Is Lindsay going to play Monopoly with Miley in her hotel room? Probably not – can someone warn this Cyrus chick?

Which reminds me, wasn’t Lilo a production of Disney? Didn’t she try so hard to break free of her “nice girl” image? And now she’s reaching her hand back in the honey pot to fish out a star to help promote her “collection?”
If Lilo was still on top of her game, would she go near this tween starlet?

When the deterioration of fame triggers desperation…