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Clinton Shows Balls, Calls out Pakistan Terrorists


hillary_clinton copyWhile Hillary Clinton traveled to Pakistan on a goodwill trip, a terrorist attack occured in a market, a carbomb killing close to 100 people. This did not sit well with Mrs. Clinton. In a formal press conference, the Secretary of State called out the terrorists, calling them cowards, and giving them some logical, if taunting, food for thought.

“Let them come forth to the people of Pakistan in this democracy and make their case that they don’t want girls to go to school, that they want women to be kept back, that they believe that they have all the answers and that the rest of us who are people of faith have none.”

Slam! Take that all you fashionistas in suicide vests! All you would-be mechanics rigging car bombs. If you had at least one of your two ears open, you might actually be provoked to reevaluate your situation. Alas, fundamentalists never seem to be receptive to the use of logos (or reason) in an argument (they place heavy emphasis on the sensational parts of arguments… hm, kind of like our own media). We at Scallywag are all about discussion and have nothing but disdain for people who refuse this colorful aspect of life.

Fundamentalists aside, we applaud our Secretary of State for coming out with guns blazing. It is far beyond common knowledge that politicians are known for bland statements and weak, ambiguous stances on many issues so this burst of honest criticism is a breath of fresh air. As for whether this will cause any change besides provoking more bombings, we would guess it is about fifty-fifty.

SecState Clinton: Pakistan Bombers Are ‘Cowards’

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