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Chelsea Clinton got $65 000 ten minute speaking fee after Hillary asked for $275K

Chelsea Clinton got $65k 10 minute speaking fee
Because a notable woman can always assert her going rate …

It sure pays to be part of the political oligarchy, case in point, Chelsea Clinton who it has been revealed was able to snatch a cool $65 000 for a ten minute speech she gave at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

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The offer came after the university had initially sought to bring on Chelsea’s mother, Hillary Clinton who had sought a $275 000 fee before the college balked and shopped around for a less onerous fee.

The speaking engagement according to a report via the Washington Post took place last year, February 24, 2014, where the 35 year old mother and former NBC sometimes there and usually not there ‘reporter’ came to be solicited after the school sought a high ranking ‘celebrity’ to join proceedings.

Pursuant to the ten minute speech, in honor of the legacy of women in the community, Chelsea Clinton is said to have agreed to take part in a 20 minute question and speech session before then posing for an additional 30 minutes for photos.

Yes the university better get its money’s worth.

The speaking fees were then remitted to the Clinton Foundation with Chelsea Clinton giving up all the fees to the charitable cause.

Offered Kamyl Bazbaz, Chelsea’s spokesman: ‘Chelsea is grateful to have the opportunity to speak at events like this while also supporting the work of the Clinton Foundation.’

Amy Loughman, an alumni relations official who managed the event, insisted Chelsea was worth her fee, explaining, ‘Chelsea was the perfect fit. It created fantastic buzz in the community.’ 

The revelation comes in light of the former ‘news reporter’ quitting her highly paid job at NBC in 2014, as a result of increased workload for the Clinton Foundation.

It’s said that Chelsea Clinton has delivered nine paid speeches on behalf of the nonprofit organization in recent years, raising as much as $800,000.

Last July, The New York Times reported that she commands up to $75,000 per appearance.  

The foundation has taken in between $12 million and $26 million in speaking fees, most of which have come from Bill Clinton’s 73 speeches.

The trio’s appearances are organized by the Harry Walker Agency. The Post saw emails between them and the university, but none referred to the fee.

Staff said they had transferred the appearance money to the company, but do not know how it was dispersed from there. 



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