Home Scandal and Gossip NBC paid Chelsea Clinton $600 000 for the privilege of being privileged

NBC paid Chelsea Clinton $600 000 for the privilege of being privileged

NBC paid Chelsea Clinton $600 000
Getting ahead in America is easy if you pick the right parents…

It seems being the offspring of the privileged and well to do might be the best way to get ahead in America after all. Case in point, the latest revealed details involving Chelsea Clinton‘s very interesting media role with media giant, NBC news.

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Tells gawker: A few years ago, NBC News hired Chelsea Clinton as a “special correspondent”—which meant, in practice, that Bill and Hillary’s daughter didn’t have to do any actual reporting. It turns out that coddling a child of privilege is very expensive! Politico reported on Friday morning that NBC News paid Clinton $600,000 per year to star in hard-hitting segments such as:

Some of those grueling media reporting assignments included the following:

Yet that easy gravy train might be out by the horn as NBC who had closely guarded details of Chelsea Clinton’s compensation (can anyone guess why?) have told that they have at Chelsea’s behest, switched to a month to month deal in recent months, presumably in the event Clinton’s mother, Hillary, would come to formally announce a 2016 presidential campaign sometime in 2014. It’s not clear if that means she’s paid more or less than before.

Because making it in America is really an issue of whom your parents are and never mind you lot slaving away at internships and entry level media jobs paying jack shit. The yummy stuff comes to those who really deserve it….