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A DNC con game: Sarah Silverman demands Bernie Sanders vote for Hillary Clinton

Sarah Silverman DNC
Pictured Sarah Silverman appearing at the DNC, Monday evening.
Sarah Silverman DNC
Pictured Sarah Silverman appearing at the DNC, Monday evening.

Sarah Silverman DNC Bernie or Bust ‘you are being ridiculous’: How the Democratic party has dismissed progressive concerns under the fear of Donald Trump. 

Doing her part for the disinformation for the masses and bidding for Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton is not so funny comedian Sarah Silverman who Monday evening beseeched Bernie Sanders followers to put away their grievances and vote for Clinton.

Appearing at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) at Philadelphia, Silverman (a former Bernie Sanders supporter herself) took umbrage with Sanders supporters for resisting to cede their ideals and demands and follow the script: ‘Vote for Hillary cause we have to make sure the devil Donald Trump never gets in,’ or something to that regurgitated effect.

Told the comedian as she stood on stage alongside veteran Sen. Al Franken in a purported unscripted moment: ‘Can i Just say to the ‘Bernie or Bust’ people,’ 

You’re being ridiculous!’

Continued Silverman as half the audience cheered for her while the other half jeered at her: ‘Hillary is our Democratic nominee and I will proudly vote for her,’

‘Just a few years ago she was a secretary and now she’s going to be president,’

‘She’s the only person to ever be overqualified for the job as president,’ Silverman continued. 

‘I will tellvyou this, I will vote for Hillary with gusto,’ she said. 

‘As I continue be inspired and moved to action with the ideals set forward [by] Bernie,’ she said, as Bernie’s people chanted louder. 

That’s when the comic labeled them ‘ridiculous.’   

Sarah Silverman DNC
Sarah Silverman as she appeared alongside Sen. Al Franken.

Silverman’s comments and the overzealous response were just a taste of the chaos Monday happening at the Democratic National Convention.  

The commotion underlying Silverman’s address follow the weekend juggernaut in which wikileaks leaked emails showed the degree to which Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz had in all likelihood acted to tip the scales against Bernie Sanders’s bid for Democratic presidential nominee. So much for acting as an impartial neutral observer.

Forced to resign amongst dissent, Bernie Sanders followers were aghast to find out that upon her forced ouster, Hillary Clinton bringing on the disgraced Democrat to run her campaign. The move has raised questions of complicity and to the degree of entrenched interests resorting to back door deals to get their preferred candidate and agenda enacted.

Sarah Silverman DNC
Pictured, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton.

The push to have Clinton become the next president as a better case scenario than having the ‘authoritative’ ‘xenophobic’, ‘misogynist’ ‘Muslim hater,’ ‘etc’ ‘etc’ Donald Trump in power belies the fact that Clinton in her previous role as Secretary of State and her Clinton Foundation along with her former US president husband (two times) have shown herself to be an equally capricious force to deal with.

With a history of warmongering, dubious war policy, and behind closed boardroom deals enabling the financial industry (while many have yet to recover from the 2008 financial catastrophe engendered by Clinton’s lax policies and banker’s unrelenting greed) many wonder to what degree Hillary Clinton has been bought and paid for courtesy of the financial industry, the corporate oligarchy and the entrenched interest riled up to extend new wars and exact ever more favors?

Ironic in that Clinton moves ever right in her policies in a bid to appeal to disenfranchised Republicans aggrieved by the choice of populist, Donald Trump as their nominee as he takes increasingly anti corporatist neoliberal positions.

While the mainstream media continue to push the notion that the elections come down to voting between Clinton or Trump (which is akin to figuring out which elitist will see the needs of greater society: neither…), little is said on other political parties or movements that might best/also represent the greater nations’s concerns in the face of ever widening haves vs have nots and the ongoing diminution of civil liberties.

Discourse which by design has been obfuscated as one 23 minute spectacle after the other is given currency instead.

While other candidates on the presidential ballot, including Jill Stein of the Green party and Libertarian Gary Johnson are unlikely to take office, with the Clinton campaign stoking fear to traditional Democrats by reminding them a vote for the alternative parties is a vote against the Democratic party and a vote for Trump.

The awkward truth is a vote for either Clinton or Trump is in all likelihood is a vote for a deepening of the entrenched class warfare that mainstream media strenuously avoids pointing out, the continued erosion of civil liberties (except of that of government and corporate interests) and a disengagement of economic forces to the advantage of the mainstream political behest.

Concerns that both Stein and Johnson have respectively sought to address, not that the mainstream pundits have paid attention as the press barons curry favor with their own mandates.

In short one can expect little improvement ( but one can hope …) in the overall deliverance of the needs of the economically and socially left behind and marginalized (which these days also includes the middle class or what’s left of it) as yet another not so funny comedian, Sarah Silverman tries to tow the party con game that so many traditional Democratic voters are beginning to see past ….or are they?