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Donald Trump protests: Why Hillary Clinton voters refuse to accept outcome?

Donald Trump protests
Donald Trump protests are now the rage.
Donald Trump protests
Donald Trump protests are now the national rage.

Donald Trump protests: Why Hillary voters refuse to accept outcome? How more than democracy, freedom of choice and the law of the land is at stake. 

Protesters from as far as Oakland, Los Angeles, San-Francisco, on the West Coast and Washington D.C, NYC, and Boston on the East Coast have made their displeasure felt with the news that Donald Trump is to be sworn in as America’s 45th president.

Going into the elections, a deeply divided nation was frayed at the nerves with many expressing deep distrust and antipathy towards either candidate.

From accusations of misogynism, sexually assaulting women, racism and his overall boorish TV showman persona, love for Donald Trump wasn’t always the first thing on the mind for a wide bastion of American voters.

Contrast that with those in the rural heartland of America who were acutely feeling the business as usual politics which has led them to feeling duped, denied the spoils of economic wealth (by design) as a wide swath of policies in recent years has seen been pushed through, from trade policies, Nafta, the removal of the Glass Steagall Act, the mortgage back crises which dispossesed their home, the fear of terrorism, immigrants who in their minds had displaced them of their economic and social mobility.

Whether building walls along Mexico’s border, dramatically reducing corporate taxes, inflamming xenophobic and immigration rhetoric and introducing a swath of ‘conservative’ initiatives will salvage the disconnected of America, time will tell.

Donald Trump president: Why did the mainstream media get it so wrong?

Hillary Clinton for her part represented the smug status quo, more of the same of the neoliberal agenda set on affirming more rights, advantages on corporate, financial and oligarchic interests could continue bilking insane profits at the expense of the ordinary American who increasingly found themselves in greater debt, their economic and social mobility deeply compromised, while at the same time being denied decent affordable choices for education, healthcare while a certain high profile elite swath of the population continued to enjoy the spoils while they physically rotted, reminded over and over that they were ‘deplorable,’ and in essence deserving of their fate.

Views that readers are free to agree or disagree with, nevertheless what perhaps strikes this author as most shocking is how Americans who preach their love of democracy are refusing to accept Donald Trump’s legitimate win and threatening riots, social unrest?

Ironically, a key search word phrase for ‘Why Hillary voters refuse to accept outcome?’ brings zero results but many many results for ‘Donald Trump voters refusing to accept the presidential outcome.’

Which is to suggest the establishment were always guarded about what a Donald Trump presidency would represent and to what degree the billionaire real estate developer would re-package trade pacts, the financial arena (not to fear, Trump already has a former Goldman Sachs partner, Steven Mnuchin set to run the new treasury department presumably along the same lines as up to now) and other areas of industry that could destabilize their power and profit margins.

That though doesn’t necessarily explain what has brought the common person down to the street and protest the election results. Did they legitimately believe that voting for Hillary Clinton would ensure their economic and social mobility (hardly if history is a witness), or do they believe that Donald Trump stands as a danger to social and progressives ideals as free speech, abortion and racism, which are indeed legitimate questions of concern. Matters that the public at every turn ought to force the heads of local, state and federal government to accountability.

Having said that, I came across one exceedingly eloquent and perceptive rant/sequence of thoughts on Facebook (courtesy of award winning NYC photographer, Peter Ruprecht) that struck me as well elocuted, discerning on the challenges ahead and how as a nation we might be able to address the concerns of freedom of speech, race relations, economic and social mobility and most importantly how to force a rotten system at its core to be recalibrated….for the greater benefit of a wider collective as opposed to the narrow confines of an established elite…..

Don’t get me wrong I am as disappointed as any of my liberal leaning friends, but am I surprised???? Uhh no. But seriously, the current petulant cry baby hypocritical response to the outcome of the election is just as disappointing. People we must put our heads together and bring changes about locally, not spend time screaming from mountain tops because our inner 4 year old feels better. If this was turned and Hillary won, and trump supporters were protesting, we would be outraged and cursing trump and his supporters for not accepting the process, and yet here we are doing exactly that.

Back to am I surprised….Absolutely not. Truth be told, my view was rather unpopular amongst many of my friends. Much like Michael Moore’s prediction I too thought trump would win.

I did not want trump to win, but thought he would. I thought he would for the same reasons I wanted Bernie sanders to win. Many Bernie supporters felt some feeling of disenfranchisement.

With the ascent of an era of financial institutional monarchy the middle class in this country has not only suffered but suffered to the point of mobilization.

Those hurting finally decided to get off of their asses and take matters back into their own hands. Sick and tired of 17 years of empty political rhetoric that crosses both parties and spans the repeal of glass-steagall and the protection of and all the way to the subsequent bailouts of the institutions that have raided and plundered the life and savings of the middle class, the middle class decided to vote for change.

The sad part is the the liberal leaning contingent needing things to change supported a candidate that for many reasons (the same reasons that actually prevented Hillary from being elected president) did not get the democratic nomination. The political machine does not want change ever. The parties are anchors of status quo. That’s why Bernie was an independent always. He tried to align enough with one of the two parties as much as trump tried to align with the republicans

Now when 2 completely different candidates Bernie and Hillary competed for the nomination and Hillary won. All the Hilary supporters militantly demanded that Bernie supporters fall rank in file and blindly support Hillary. This as if Hillary and Bernie were even close to having similar views on issues.

We were told to get over our cry baby tendencies and get on the more the task at hand (defeating trump). So through heated arguments and sometimes even ridicule Bernie supporters had to come to terms with giving up on MANY core values and “having” to support a candidate that had very few similarities other than party color.

And yet all the while the middle class brood and sat in anger outside their repossessed and foreclosed homes, with fewer and even without jobs, without access to affordable schooling and all of the things that affect their every day!

Along comes a demagogue and woos them right out from under hillarys nose. Am I surprised? No. Washington has been disconnected from reality for 30 years. She didn’t know her constituents She simply assumed that everyone goes a party line Red or blue. And her traditional blue would simply be there whether she actually listened to their problems or not.

The strange part is that now many Hillary supporters are acting with that same disconnection. “Surprised” and “shocked” on facebook

Don’t act surprised and shocked. Knock that nonsense off and drive from nyc to California and get out of your bubble and see hurting america that Washington has ignored.

The most unfortunate part of all is the fact that there was a gentle and honest man who heard this same pain because he has ALWAYS heard it. There was a man who respected women and gays. There was a man who also Started a movement that was founded on listening to the middle class.

You my dear and fervent Hillary or die supporters elected trump the moment you didn’t elect Bernie. It was told to you by all of the statisticians. And yet here we are crying about the outcome and worse some even blaming 3rd party voters for this.

It is the complete and total tone deaf attitude of the fundamental democrats that accomplished this not anyone else’s fault. This is not a surprise and stop saying how shocked you are.

So now what? We have a man in power who doesn’t share many views that you or I have. Yet accept that he obviously shares something with half of the country.

So practice the tolerance you preach and use the constitution as your solace. Go and vote always for the next local state legislators, congressmen

Become active in education and charity. Be the good human you cry trump is not. Work together at the local level to help combat intolerance, racism, and misogyny. Those are not the ailments of a president but rather that of society. A president neither gives or takes away those qualities to a group of people. The people them selves do.

Stop crying and make a plan for yourself and your kids to make a difference.

And for those simply claiming to leave the country. Go Please. If you have the means to repatriate somewhere on a whim. Do so. I would. No one is forcing you to live under us law on us soil. But if you don’t have the means and that is more of the cry baby dribble coming out of your mouths not based in any reality, then please stop. Because I also don’t want to teach my kid that it’s only ok to want and effect change when things work out in your direction. And when things don’t work out. Well quit and leave.

So please. Stop posting your shock. Stop posting your dismay. Stop posting your surprise and start posting your ideas to make the situation better