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Subway shoving suspect Naeem Davis now insists he was only acting in self defense.

Naeem Davis
Naeem Davis


Naeem Davis
Naeem Davis


Ethical questions rage after picture of Ki Suk Han’s imminent death appears.

Video captures subway passenger pushed to his death by deranged panhandler.

30 year old Naeem Davis, the emotionally distraught panhandler who originally confessed to pushing 58 year old Queens man Ki Suk Han onto the tracks of the 49th street subway station  and left him there to die yesterday during his arraignment pled not guilty.

The about face comes as Davis is now claiming that he was only acting in self defense when he shoved Suk Han, telling authorities that ‘he attacked me, he grabbed me.’ 

But here’s where things get complicated:

gawker: According to Davis, Han was drunk and carrying a knife, but Assistant District Attorney James Lin disputed Davis’s story, saying the former Deli employee calmly gathered his things and left the station after seeing the train deal Han a fatal blow.

Earlier reports said Han’s wife Serim Han told police he had been drinking prior to leaving the house, and a law enforcement source told the Post Han was carrying a bottle of vodka at the time of his death.

Witnesses testified that Han and Davis were arguing loudly before the incident, and at least one witness named Han as the aggressor. 

Which leads one to wonder why hadn’t Suk Han just left Davis alone? What was he hoping to achieve by approaching the deranged panhandler? Was this his way to console him, console himself inadvertently given the strife he had endured earlier that morning and the fact he was drinking, or was he just trying to reach out in earnest to an individual who he momentarily identified with and plead with him to rein in his obtrusive behavior?  Something that in the end may have paradoxically led to his own untimely demise?

Meanwhile, Han’s only daughter Ashley spoke out for the first time yesterday about the controversy surrounding the lack of response to her father’s ordeal from fellow subway patrons.

“The thought of someone helping him up in a matter of seconds would have been great,” she told reporters, but added, “what’s done is done.”

Davis, who has multiple burglary and theft priors, remains in custody and is being held without bail.

Serim Han holds a picture of her deceased husband Ki Suk Han
Serim Han holds a picture of her deceased husband Ki Suk Han


  1. This all goes to show you that NYC is nothing but a polished turd which is mass marketed by Bloomberg and real estate firms to the gullible yuppies and the ultra rich. NYC is an over-rated, aging city filled with rude, cold hearted, self-centered, narcissistic yuppies who would rather snap pics with their smartphones, instead of helping out a man about to die. These assholes who were too busy not helping the victim off the tracks, are guilty of letting this man die. This all reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry and his friends videotape a guy being robbed, and make fun of him. Screw NYC! I lived in the NYC area most of my life, and most of the people I’ve met there, were self-absorbed, materialistic, spoiled, narcissistic turds. The women are selfish, and money hungry, and the males are rude drunks with horrible accents. NYC is full of rich turds, crazies, is a major terrorism target and has a crumbling infrastructure. It’s over-priced, over populated, built on a major flood zone, which is destined to flood again, and again, much worse than what happened with Sandy. Anyone who wants to live there is delusional. Who wants to live in a city, filled with crazies and have no right to own firearms or rights to self-defense, be unable to own a car, pay high taxes, have no personal space & pay rising fares, on the crumbling, erratically scheduled subway/bus system and risk being murdered by some insane ghetto guy?!

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