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Will it tank him? Donald Trump refuses at debate to say if he will accept election result

Donald Trump accept election result
Donald Trump accept election result live horror. Screen grab.
Donald Trump accept election result
Donald Trump accept election result live horror. Screen grab.

Donald Trump accept election result horror response: The Republican’s Presidential contender’s non committal to accept election results sends the internet into a tail spin.

While pundits could’ve argued either for or against Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton winning the third presidential debate as the heat between the two came to a close, it was presiding Fox News moderator Chris Wallace’s second to last question of the evening which threw a spanner in the woodworks: ‘Would Donald Trump accept the presidential election results?’

What follows next astounded political commentators who were quick to make hay of Trump’s response while also presumably stiffening the bristles of audiences world wide watching the debate. Never had a contender in the history of American politics ever refused to endorse the results of the elections.

Responded Trump: ‘I will look at it at the same time.’

Asked again, the Republican Presidential nominee held firm, defying expectations of him to concede the election should it come to that. 

Offered Trump: ‘I’ll keep you in suspense.’

To which Clinton not missing a beat (her eyes choking with fire) and sensing the false move that Trump may have made (the one overt faux pas she may have been hoping he had made earlier in the evening) responded with aplomb, ‘That’s horrifying.’

Trump’s non committal comment came in stark contrast to that of his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway and Vice Presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence along with daughter Ivanka Trump who all told in recent days they’d accept the results of the election. The inference being that Trump’s prospects weren’t looking to bright along with perhaps the main stream media’s unrelenting bias to cast him as the un-electable. 

In the aftermath of the debate, Trump’s non committal answer to whether accept the election results or not led to an assortment of reaction. Keeping in mind, that Trump once an entertainer/reality star always an entertainer (even as he pointed out he didn’t win an Emmy).

And then there were these sampling of comments on the web in response to Donald Trump’s non committal and his by now non vague assertion that the media had rigged the elections against him:

Mr. Trump cannot argue that he will Make America Great Again and simultaneously refuse to accept the outcome of the election. His equivocation that the media is rigging this in favor of Clinton is in stark contradiction with his earlier, persistent bragging about the billions of dollars in free media exposure he’s been granted. But most vile are his threats concerning the validity of the election — these threats hack at the very founding principle of the nation he purports to respect.

Donald Trump is a traitor to the American people.

I think it’s a threat. It means he thinks he can unleash the hounds.

Fortunately whether or not Trump ‘accepts the result’ of the election is irrelevant. The Constitution is bigger than any individual. Including Trump.

For Donald Trump to suggest that he might not be bound by the results of the election is to put himself above the law. In terms of the election actually taking place he’s just signaled that he’s not fit to take part, but then I think most Americans already suspected as much.

Anticipating losing the election (to a woman) Trump is protecting his own ego at the expense of an orderly transfer of power. He would prefer possible social unrest and disorder over any suggestion that he legitimately lost. He is the ultimate man child who shouldn’t be let within a million miles of the nuclear launch codes.

The big deal is that Trump is going to get people shot with this bullshit. He is inciting violence from his supporters among the far-right.

He really doesn’t seem able to stop shooting himself in the foot. You’ve got to wonder at this point whether he thinks he can rouse his army of deplorables to some sort of armed insurrection if, as most people expect, the vote does not go his way. It’s becoming apparent he may well be unstable enough.