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When a head of state takes a lavish holiday while his country goes on the brink.


paul-biya-and-his-wife-chanBusiness as usual for despotic regimes…yummy.

It must be hard work being Cameroon’s president (a tiny country in West Africa where corruption runs rampant), but Paul Biya takes it all in stride as he spends the next two weeks fluffing it up with his wife (Chantal- she is the one with the gorilla mane) in the haute district of La Baule of West France purportedly spending up to $40 000 a day for himself, Chantal and their 43 person entourage( even we have an entourage- but we just call them interns…).

Normally such gross displacement of wealth would just get a snicker or foul look or ‘business as usual’ countenance but it seems even the French are not amused after it was revealed that Cameroon, one of the most wretched states in Africa was awarded a bounty (bribe?) of 537 million Euro by the French to uhm , let’s say this slowly without laughing and sloshing out champagne over ourselves to fight poverty and debt.

Mmmh. Sounds like a good plan, spend gazillions so you can be given gazillions more when you get back home to fight back on those things you are so heartily and openly doing-‘taking the public for a ride.’

Of course such a ridiculous visit wouldn’t have been without full spectacle without Nicolas Sarkozy awarding his mate Paul the mayor’s medal.

In any event it just sounds like politicians being as sleazy as ever but of course that’s not going to spoil your weekend ?

When tyrants misbehave and get awarded accolades in their spare time.

Cameroon president on ‘£25,000-a-day’ holiday in France as his people battle crippling poverty

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  • I see Paul Biya hanging out with George W at some dive deep in Texas, then a quick excursion to some military school where they show off to each other who makes the better hand pipe bomb

  • Arthur aka NYCArthur

    Good story, Scallywag!

    At least Paul Biya didn’t come to Martha’s Vinyard.