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How The Successful Could Change The World

Billionaires spending their money.
Billionaires spending their money. Pictured, Elon Musk who is pursing a number of green initiatives.
Billionaires spending their money
Billionaires spending their money. Image Credit – Pexels CC0 Licence

Billionaires spending their money to change the world for the better. How philanthropy continues to exist in a world of conspicuous consumption. 

Over the last century, it has been abundantly clear that the spending habits of the wealthy have vastly changed. While some are coyer with how much cash they are splashing, there are still some out there that feel the need to publicise every penny they part with.

In this article, we are going to be taking a brief look at some of the more positive ways that the wealthy are parting with their cash, and you may even find yourselves a little surprised to discover that more often than not, there is generally a sense of philanthropy around a portion of what may seem like lavish spending.

How Is The Wealth Split?

When we talk of the successful, we can assume that the most successful people in the world are billionaires. Now, when it comes to billionaires who want to spend their money doing something that we would deem as good, the percentage is pretty low. If we look at the breakdown of the current rich list billionaires we see:

  • 15% are either bankers or financiers;
  • 10% are in retail or fashion;
  • 11% is in real estate;
  • 8% are in manufacturing;
  • 10% are in technology.

Out of these billionaires, there is a small percentage that is actually taking proactive measures towards creating a brighter future. 

What Are They Spending On?

Well, if we look at where the richest are really spending their money, the majority of it goes on basic living costs. It is thought that living the high life can actually come with a cost of around $100k per day; this means that $50 million per year would be spent on just getting by. 

While this may be a drop in the ocean to some of the billionaires out there, there are others that find that lavish lifestyles aren’t really all they are cracked up to be. Most people would presume that people with money are out spending a fortune to learn more about how to fly their own plane or even how to extend their classic car collection. The truth, however, can be quite far from this.

Billionaires spending their money.
Billionaires spending their money. Pictured, billionaire entrepreneur, Elon Musk who is pursing a number of green initiatives. Image via Solar City campaign.

The Select Few Doing Good

While we cannot point the finger at many, there are a few of the wealthiest people out there who are determined to make a difference and recognise that the planet we live on cannot sustain us on our current trajectory.

One person of note that we should mention is, of course, Bill Gates. Bill Gates has made a pledge and is now striving to develop cleaner tech that can see us move forward in ways that are before unheard of. 

The troubles that most people of influence face is that there is an expectancy that they should throw their fortune at the problem and hope this presents a solution. The facts are, it’s not just money that is going to help the planet moving forward, but those with money have the power to make a change. 

Another person who is at the forefront of the green revolution is Elon Musk, Mr Musk is a man of remarkable talent, and with innovation on the levels that he presents, and with investments like the ones he is making, we can surely gain a little hope that the future is brighter than it may seem.

There are, of course, smaller players on the field that are doing so much to better the world we live in, that they alone are making a huge difference. In reality, what’s needed is bigger voices on stronger platforms, because when these voices speak, people listen. 

The Truth

The simple truth is this; the successful are entitled to spend their fortunes on whatever they see fit; after all, it’s their money. What really matters is their level of influence and whether they are prepared to use their fortune to help the planet move forward.

What the world really needs is more people like Bill Gates and Elon musk who are prepared to put stock and investment into creating a better future for our children and our grandchildren.

In the modern world, a little philanthropy goes a long way, and while some of the wealthiest people on earth may enjoy big houses and expensive pieces of art, some of them will always be willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the world is a better and safer place for everybody.