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Why Brutal Crimes Are Increasing All Around The Globe

brutal crimes increased across the world
Brutal crimes increased across the world: Can we blame defunding of law enforcement? Stock image
brutal crimes increased across the world
Brutal crimes increased across the world: Can we blame defunding of law enforcement? Stock image

What’s causing brutal crimes to go up across the world? Exploring defunding law enforcement, poverty, influx of immigration, population growth, role of wealth & higher poverty as world economy capitulates in 2020. 

American, Asian, European, and Australian states, cities, municipalities, provinces, and territories are facing higher crime rates than ever before. What are the factors behind these increased crime rates?

There are many factors behind the soaring crime rates across the world. Some factors have more influence than others. For example, decreased funding for law enforcement has more influence than immigration. But, when it comes down to it, all the factors play a role in the increased crime rates. But, what exactly are these factors? You will find the answer to this question and much more in the article below.

Influx In Immigrants

Not all immigrants are criminals. However, an influx of immigrants from foreign countries has impacted crime rates around the world. Countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Greece, Germany, and France are also experiencing increased crime in metropolis and suburban areas. Some politicians and natives contribute the increase in crimes to the recent influx of immigrants into the aforementioned countries. 

While most immigrants are looking to improve their lives by relocating to American and Europe, a few are only looking for ways to commit crimes. This is especially true for illegal immigrants. In 2018, reports revealed that 10,150 murders were connected to illegal immigrants. Of course, some of the top researchers are disputing these claims.

A 2019 study conducted by Debunkedclaim revealed 63,000 U.S. citizens had been murdered by illegal aliens since September 2011 – but that claim might not add up either. And, this is not to mention other countries that have taken in a large influx of illegal immigrants. 

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population growth vs crime rate in the United States
Brutal crimes increased across the world: population growth vs crime rate in the United States, discerning patterns & trends.

Increasing Population

Some of the most popular destinations in the world are Lisbon, Portugal; Abruzzo, Italy; Austin, Texas; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Dallas, Texas; and Fayetteville, Arkansas. Many of these metropolis areas have experienced increased population increases over the past few years. While an increase in population is good for any city, state, or province, the more people packed into a city always equals more crime.

In 2020, U.S. officials reported Since April 2010, the US population which stands at just on 328M increasing 19.5 million, or 6.3%, representing an average annual growth of 0.66% between July 2010 and July 2019, compared to an average of .97% last decade.

Other countries that have experienced major population increases include Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, and Italy.

Japan with a population of 126 million plus alone saw a 0.60 percent increase in population from 2019 to 2020. The United Kingdom with a population of 66 million reported a 62 percent increase from 2019 to 2020. Other countries that reported increases the same year include South Korea, Spain, Argentina, Canada, Taiwan, Poland, and Australia. 

Many of the largest cities in these countries have also reported higher crime rates. The only explanation is the major increase in population in these areas. 

brutal crimes increased across the world
brutal crimes increased across the world: How has defunding police impacted crime? Image via NBC News

Defunding Law Enforcement

Cities all throughout the United States have taken a stance against police brutality. After the death of George Floyd, city, state, and federal officials have called for law enforcement in their communities to be defunded. Cities controlled by Liberal officials have seen the highest crime rates in years. One example, New York City reported a 130 percent increase in crime from June 1 to June 30. In 29 days, crime all across the city has soared. The wealthiest New Yorkers have also been hit. Areas not known for crime have become the target of criminals all throughout the city.

Several wealthy homeowners in North Hills, East Hills, Rye, Irvington, Monroe, and Massapequa Park have reported being robbed right in their homes. The criminals have not been identified in most of these cases. But, law enforcement and investigators believe they are not local.

Increase In Poverty

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the United States has impacted millions of part- and full-time workers. Many have been forced to sign up for unemployment benefits. The deadline for unemployment coverage is nearing very quickly, causing fear to run rampant among the unemployed workers. Debate continues whether congress will approve the $600 Federal unemployment benefit after running out at the end of July. 

What happens when poverty increases? Even a slight increase in poverty has a tendency to increase crime. Parents, unemployed workers, and hardened criminals will take to the streets looking for unaware and vulnerable victims. No one is safe when it comes to poverty-laden cities, towns, suburbs, rural areas, and municipalities. 

Poverty can cause any honest man or woman to turn into a crook. This is especially true when speaking of parents.