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Lindsay Lohan feels nearly as ‘violated’ as us.


lohan-12When ‘Lilo’ starts to twitter that she feels helpless.


‘Lilo’ our favorite celebrity, misguided 22 year old on both coasts of the US has set to twittiering fans and friends alike that she feels ‘violated’ and ‘scared’ after a recent Hollywood break in that she fears was a personal attack that left her ripped off certain personal possessions including ‘home’ videos and photographs.

‘Lilo’ goes on to explain “It really makes me sad, and well, obviously-scared. 🙁 and I’m sorry i haven’t been on in a bit… my life has been kind of in shambles considering my house was broken into and i feel really violated.”

So now we are suppose to believe the drug binging, scolding of deli boys and car wrecking is a result of robberies and all the awful things people do to Lindsay as opposed to the possible notion of all the things she does to herself.

Loathe to wonder what those ‘missing home videos’ entail we do wonder with some earnest how did a 22 year old girl with a series of misguided problems, cleavage and temper tantrums come to dominate our airwaves?

Could it possibly be she is the token mirror image of what’s aching inside of us all or is she just the token fool that we in the media have come to use as a punching bag while she coincidentally keeps getting richer and paid to endorse more things that a hotel breaking bad boy on meth could ever dream possible.

When 22 year old girls make us wonder about ourselves…

Lohan ‘violated’ by robbery

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