Home Scandal and Gossip Lindsay Lohan just wants to party all the time.

Lindsay Lohan just wants to party all the time.

Would you make out with Lilo too?

Would you make out with Lilo too?

Make out session with random stranger and club hoping.

Kids the tears are screeching down my cheeks- because it just occurred to me the way it occurred to Lilo that liberty is just a week or two from being over and our highness has set her eyes on those pretty things that will be deprived of her when she makes the LA cooler her welcoming door mat in the not so distant future. As usual the NY Trash Post explains:

Despite coming to town to spend some “quiet time” with her family, Lindsay Lohan was up all night partying with reality stars at the city’s hottest nightspots.

On Wednesday, Lohan hit the scene at The Lion before visiting two clubs where she was spotted kissing a mystery man. She even managed to fit in a secret rendezvous with former girlfriend Samantha Ronson at the Standard Hotel earlier that afternoon, although they were spotted leaving separately.

Spotted leaving separately? Is that a code word for make the press work harder? You would think that Lilo would have done the decent thing and left with her sweetheart making out ad hoc- but no- Lilo had to make matters worse by making out with some stranger later that night. Kids aren’t you outraged? See it says here in my letter to Lilo and White Oprah:

Dear Lilo and White Oprah,

I am saddened by the rowdy behavior of Lindsay and only wish she could keep her rowdy behavior quarantined in the annals of LA night clubs, never mind them bitches turning our Lindsay away at the door. At least in New York we still understand royalty.

Ps- I do miss the days when the two of you would hit the clubs together powdering your nostrils with caviar, champagne flutes and the occasional eight ball.

Love Scallywag- forever devoted to your collective divinity and madness xxxoo.



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