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Update: Lindsay Lohan reckons she never even knew hit anyone in the first place…

Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan arrested after hit and run with Porsche. Reeked of alcohol…

Reports are starting to fly that our collective heroine Lindsay Lohan never even had an idea that she hit anyone early this morning outside of the downtown Dream Hotel, this despite earlier reports that one of her minions got out of her Porsche Cayenne to check up on a bystander, Jose Rodriguez that she had inadvertently hit whilst parking the automobile.

The incident which took place at 12.30 this morning according to Rodriguez has left him with torn tendons. He even went so far as to tell the NYDaily news ‘that he was in so much pain, I fell to the side.’

Rodriguez also maintains that Lilo was slurring her words and reeked of alcohol ‘real bad,’ at the time of the incident.

Upon having her ass hauled in by police Lilo was not administered a breathalyzer as she did not appear drunk (practice of course makes perfect) which now makes it impossible to verify whether Lilo was under the influence or not.

According to TMZ, surveillance video footage of the accident does not explicitly show Lindsay’s car striking Rodriguez.

Freed a few hours later after her arrest, Lilo who was only booked on a misdemeanor charge has vowed to fight the accusations and insists that Rodriguez’s claims appear to be ‘very fishy.’ Which is tantamount to saying that oil and water never mix too well.

Then of course there was this claim by Rodriguez which might help put everything into perspective, assuming such things matter:

Rodriguez claims Lindsay and her entourage “acted like I was nothing” when he asked her why she hit him with her Porsche Cayenne. “She said, ‘You have to get out of the way.’ She told me I have to move.”

Which is also tantamount to saying that an oil slick never makes way for water….

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