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The fun things winos do so they can get a free meal.



How to abuse the system and never mind about the consequences.

We’d like to introduce you to two drunks that despite the fact they are drunks are nonetheless remarkably exceptional in getting what most drunks would fail hands down to do – that is get the city to pay for their board, food and health care- that way they can get drunk all over again the next day.

The way these two, just a couple of shining examples of arguably must be a common phenomenon in the ‘down and out set,’ – Ricky Alardo and Ricky Ricardo work, is after they get loaded and realize they are stuck in a jam and broke they call the ambulance service to come on by, pick them up, and drop them off immediately a clinic or hospital were they can lick their wounds,

Of course, here’s the fun part – they never ever have to pay for the ambulance (it’s estimated Ricky Alardo over the last 14 years while he’s been getting toasted has cost the city just under $4m in medical expenses).

So next time you see Ricky one or Ricky two falling all over themselves, spare a thought they’ll be in rather good hands soon enough- because your tax dollars will make sure of it.

Fun things that even drunks can do too…


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