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Lindsay Lohan – poster child of faux glamour still stuck in a rut.


lindsay_lohanBut do you really care…?


We read with long yawns in today’s rubbish tip the NY Post how ‘disgraced and downgraded’ uber celebrity- Lindsay Lohan is supposedly approaching her final rock bottom, and how close she is (as if she were a fortune 500 stock) to finally getting there.

In any event the Post bothers to tell us the obvious how she is making regressive work and how she is now hanging out with some boring reality actress- Kim Kardashian (who is famous for what we have yet to figure out but we’d like to hire her publicist anyway).

The question is when will Lindsay make one more royal fool of herself seeing as a nation we can never get enough of photogenic pretty messes.

Pretty messes that keep stabbing themselves in the foot and making trash media like the NY Post rich. Keep up the good work guys- perhaps you can start shopping for a new stooge, we’re beginning to wonder if Lindsay herself is getting tired being at the ‘near of the bottom of her latest personal spiral.’

NY Post is beyond repair and post rock bottom, but then again you kind of knew that anyway…that’s why you keep reading them.

Oh well what’s a junk culture to do but keep chewing the junk it finds prominently displayed in the kitchen cupboard?


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  • Monkey boy

    Is there any other kind of glamour?