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Jelena Karleusa, Serbian pop star: ‘Kim Kardashian bixch stole my style!’

Jelena Karleusa
Did Kim Kardashian steal her new look off Jelena Karleusa?

It seems reality starlet Kim Kardashian might have some answering to do after accusations from Serbian pop star, Jelena Karleusa that our collective media whore has ripped off her newest ‘platinum take no prisoners’ look courtesy of the fierce 36 year old musician who would like to see credit where it’s due.

In a feature with UsWeekly, the Serbian pop star (do such things exist in Serbia?) tells the tabloid she invented her fierce image years ago.

Offering: ’I think that her stylists are inspired by my IG page,’

In a bid to hammer her point home, Jelena Karleusa, who is considered the Lady Gaga of Serbia has gone so far as to set up side by side comparisons on social media, one imagines to Kimbo’s chagrin.

Wrote the Serbian pop star who has been a European enigma since the 90’s (so I have been told): ‘Will the real slim shady place stand up! Ps (I am the one on the left),’

Watch out Jelena. You might be the real McKoy, but Kimbo is more than just a passing flash in the pan. She’s America’s cultural epicenter.

Jelena Karleusa
More than a passing similarity? Jelena Karleusa would argue otherwise….

Jelena would also go one better and insist she does not have a stylist, insisting that she has created her own look (whilst Kim by implication has not).

That said, it doesn’t really appear the Serbian pop star is really all that slighted as she would later post, ‘I’ll take a compliment,’ as Kim Kardashian by ‘drawing influence’ from the pop star (some would stay stealing) has in essence served to upgraded the pop star’s standing along with extended her unique brand.

From merrily copying Jelena’s platinum blond hair, dead eye expression, faux model expressions, overt attention to their respective posteriors and ample bosoms (why not indeed?!) oversized dark sunglasses, fluffy fur coats and wanton hiss dagger toe booties, the two style icons have provided today’s naive wanton women with abundant accessory inspiration. 

Accessories that every aspiring women of mettle will want to jack up on. Or not?

Jelena Karleusa
Jelena Karleusa werks hard for the money
Jelena Karleusa
The resemblance is uncanny…
Jelena Karleusa
hawt bixches
Jelena Karleusa
Oh really? Just a passing influence right Kim?
Jelena Karleusa
Faux over faux. Who wore it best? Jelena or Kim?







  1. Now Kim says that her inspiration was Madonna..maybe for the hair but since she looks like a replica of Jelena down to the glasses and center part….I don’t think so….Biggest pet peeve with Kardashian is that they tell such obvious lies as if the public should believe them and not their own eyes.

  2. Kim completely jacked her whole style..right down to the length of her hair, shape of her sunglasses and her outfits…this is someone else’s style and Kim wore it to fashion week how pathetic and ill advised, she should fire her stylist. Jelena looks better because she is lean, tall ,proportioned and her body looks better in the clingy clothes. Kim is too short and hippy to pull off most of the things she wore. If you are going to steal someone’s else’s style at least look better than the original. EPIC FAIL.

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