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If I’m a media source is it necessary for me to provide ‘step by step’ proceedings at Michael Jackson’s memorial?


jackson_bodyWatching the ‘step by step’ play of things you can never get enough of.

The day has finally arrived to put Michael to rest (literally speaking- but metaphorically he will never be put to rest), and the world over has gone gaga, marveling, weeping, swooning at the sudden demise of the king of pop.

Such things are normal it seems when you spend you’re life being humiliated, adored, jerked off and adulated. Of course it’s always ironic that the ‘mob’ only really loves you after you’re gone,

Anyway, keep your ears and hanging tongues posted as we get back to the minute business of over dissecting a legend, a legacy and a pop icon, over and over again, and that’s right over again (you get the point)

Looks like Michael got the last joke in with “Never ever land,’ cause, you and the world can’t seem to put him away.

The interesting things we ‘media’ like to over dissect…

Jackson’s Body Inside Casket

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