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Fifteen year old girl takes her life after being taunted on a social networking site.



The cruel games people play on each other.


Out of the UK comes a lurid tale of a young woman who once seeked valor, company and identity on a social networking website who in the end ended up taking her life just to avoid all the hate mail she was getting instead.


Megan GILLAN, was your typical fun loving school girl who enjoyed school outings and like minded peers until those pairs stopped liking her. Part of a social networking site called BEBO, Megan had to eventually be removed from classes at school as she increasingly became the subject of harassment on the site. Taken out of class she was then put into a ‘support room,’ where she studied alone( some kind of support you may wonder).


Of course things got out of control when Megan realized her new support group included all the undesirables normally taken out of classrooms and put into the very ‘aptly’ named ‘support’ room. In essence, Megan was surrounded by the type of people she was meant to be shielded from.


Rather than turn up to a science exam one morning where she would be in direct contact with her on line tormentors Megan took a whole bunch of sleeping pills but not before reaching out to one of her friends and telling her- “I love you, never forget that.”


No Megan we will never forget that.

Institutions, sometimes you have to wonder how they make their rules?

Taunted to death on Bebo: Spiteful messages drove schoolgirl to take fatal overdose

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  • anon

    So sad your memory will not be forgotten