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What is it with cab drivers with bad breath?


niroIs it the long hours, the lack of hygiene or just something else?

We can certainly appreciate toiling in the city’s hectic streets all day can lead to agitation, stress, apathy, but bad breath too? That said, this has become the continual dictum of so many cab drivers we have been coming up against of late.

Perhaps to be nice to the cab drivers as well (who probably also have their own share of complaints) one could suggest (the way new lovers do before they hop in the sack) if they have just brushed their teeth, if a disposable toothbrush and plastic bag exists for both driver and passenger just as the journey is set to begin.

Anyway, we were wondering- what is it with cab drivers with bad breath, cause they all seem to be the newest crop of drivers and frankly we are not overtly impressed.

No need to smile either please, it might knock us out in the back…

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