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Gawker joins the fray and bothers to find out why douche bag prep school kids are worth commentating on.



In it’s attempt to get the lowdown on why NY is full of douche bags and individuals meriting their own very special version of water boarding, Gawker the king of intrigue and lascivious trash (but we still love you dear ) has sent out one of their editors to find out what the real appeal about Bravo’s new reality TV show about prep kids who want to rule the world and not make too much fools of themselves.

We only have one answer – why interview Bravo when you can interview any sixteen year old you come across on any evening of the week who thinks because they have money, privilege, access to dad’s friends and his new beamer and of course an upcoming modeling gig in Paris what makes them so loveable and the inspiration of a new TV show.

Then again if that’s too hard, just give George W Bush a call, we’re sure he can tell us a little bit about what it’s about being a coddled prep boy…

New York Rich Kids’ Reality Show to Make the Case for Being Old and Poor

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