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It’s official journalists now live in a Brave New World.


The shattered dreams of the bourgeoisie set.

It once used to be a heroic deed to be a credible journalist with a credible journal. Of course with the collapse of the media world courtesy of the compelling business model that everyone in the media world is falling over themselves to follow called “let’s now all give all our content away for free,” journalists the world over are starting to realize that their bourgeoisie aspirations are falling on deaf ears.

With print publishers like Conde Naste running the other way and dismantling magazines one after the other, once privileged and narcissistic plebs are being forced to redirect their efforts in an effort to somehow live out their aspirations of being the next Hunter S Thompson or Truman Capote.

The options it seems are few- crack cocaine dealing, low grade copy writing or of course the current preferred practice of self masturbation- starting your own blog.

We guess the reasoning goes something like this: because Nick Denton of Gawker was able to do make a name for himself along with the help of wonder spoof writers Richard Lawson and Hamilton Nolan (who we suspect take great pleasure in making 6 year old girls cry and their parents grimace) young writers the world over are starting to wonder if they too can be just as nihilistic and somehow convince advertisers to deposit golden trinkets in their bank accounts.

Of course whether this whole idea works is yet to be seen, as even die hard bobo’s (bohemian bourgeoisie) are turning their backs on lesser print journals (so Gawker tells us) to pursue the wonderful breath taking occupation of being a new world blogger that every 6 year old and their next door neighbor will flock to throw up on.

Will it work? Time will tell, in the meantime this particular blogger can only sympathize with the shattered dreams of the bourgeoisie set, but who knows maybe Nick will walk out on the street one day and decide he needs to hire these self flagellating lackeys to shine his shoes.

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