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Why wont toast (prick) of the Hamptons, RUDI GUILANI just call it a day?


giulianiWhat happens when nobody loves you anymore? Adventures with ex mayors, presidential candidates and psychologically disturbed film makers.

According to my two favorite riff raff journals in the world – Gawkerand NY Post, genuine sparks of animosity flew into overdrive when Rudy was verbally accosted by equally dementedindividual – film maker John McCluskey this past weekend outside some useless diner in Bridge Hampton.

Apparently according to Gawker, McCluskey, it gloated, ended up writing a letter to Gawker (god knows why?) to further vent while NY Post reported the two ego laden gentry made sure they offended the sensibilities of all the innocent types that normally inhabit the streets and diners of a trendy Hampton inlet.

Apparently McCluskey has an axe for Rudi, over cheese burgers or something equally banal while Rudi in pure trivial form and vitriol couldn’t help but inspire the semi comatose McCluskey to have a go.

Mmh, we kind of wish we were there this long weekend to watch the rich, beautiful and powerful make fools of themselves, but actually are very happy that we only had to write about it. After all some things are just too violent and pathetic to be around, especially by the said enforcers and commentatorsof correct manners and etiquett