Ellen Degeneres twitter selfie confirms Hollywood still matters.


By Monday morning, the much talked about Ellen Degeneres selfie had been re tweeted over 2.7 million times and favored 1.4 million times. Effectively cementing the presence of the comedienne and that of Hollywood as a kind of untouchable tour de force. The selfie, described as the best photo ever (I’m not sure why but […]

Australia’s Next Top model judge Charlotte Dawson survives suicide attempt at hands of twitter trolls.

Charlotte Dawson

Australian personality and former model Charlotte Dawson has reached out to thank fans who have come out in support of her after vile twitter postingsled to the New Zealand born Foxtel presenter succumbing to an attempt on her own life. Reports Australia’s dailytelegraph: The shocking and dangerous bombardment of nasty messages came in the wake […]

BREAKING: Peter Facinelli lover steps up and reveals he had an affair

Who is the mystery woman who has come between Peter F and his soon to be ex wife Jennie?

Jennie Garth wants to tell you she’s very pissed off with her ex Peter Facinelli. As we first broke the story last night right here on Scallywag & Vagabond, Peter Facinelli & Jennie Garth have called it quits. Now we’re getting details from our source saying a third party was one of the “many reasons” […]

BREAKING: Peter Facinelli & Jennie Garth divorcing

Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth

Peter Facinelli’s ex Jennie Garth is now dating? Arrives in NYC looking much slimmer. Jennie Garth wants to tell you she’s very pissed off with her ex Peter Facinelli. Sources close to Scallywag & Vagabond have revealed that Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli are divorcing. Last July it was reported that the Beverly Hills 90210 […]

Rihanna targets Karrueche Tran with racial slur

Rihanna. It's just a thug's life.

Rihanna posts topless pic while dad backs off on calling her fat. Rihanna has done it again – only one week after attacking a fan for her looks on Twitter, Rihanna has now unleashed a racist attack on Chris Brown’s current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. On Friday evening Rihanna tweeted the words “ima make u my […]

Rihanna bullies fan on Twitter, calls fan “ugly”


It looks like a fan of Rihanna’s had some not-so-nice things to say about the “We Found Love” songstress over her choice to reunite with Chris Brown on two new tracks, and Rihanna decided to unleash her own war of words right back. Rihanna cyber bullyies Alexis Carter who dressed like her idol  Jaree Strozier […]

Marc Jacobs intern has a very public breakdown.


How pissed off can you get in 140 characters? It took a Marc Jacobs Intern multiple tweets on their corporate Twitter, @marcjacobsintl, to express his frustration with CEO Robert Duffy— a boss that he swore via he was done with according to her Twitter tyrade. He blasted at midnight Saturday night: HuffPo: ‘Good luck! I […]

Launch for Vivienne Tam and Jack Dorsey’s ‘Double Happiness’ Square


  “I think design and art have a very interesting intersection with technology and when they do meet then it just feels really magical and it makes the experience feel beautiful so you don’t think about the technology anymore, you just think about using it.”  Upon seeing designer Vivienne Tam and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, an uninformed observer […]

Our top 5 predictions for 2011: The rise of media whoredom, social networking and the haves vs the have me nots but wishful fame and money.


As we trod on firmly on to the new year, we’ve been thinking about some of the trends/instances that we should be on the look out for and frankly believe will become part of our daily regiment.  With the dizzying speed of ever increasing communication, one thing is for sure- unless it’s not in the […]

CoCo Sheen is not dead after all.


How a tweet and rumor raced like wildfire. You too may be hearing that our preferred hero CoCo Sheen pulled the plug today, but contrary to blazing rumors that have been traveling like wildfire our collective hero somehow managed to survive himself and the Xmas holidays. Examiner: Charlie Sheen is not dead. The Charlie Sheen […]

Report Says Blogging on the Decline; Being Replaced by Facebook, Twitter


A recent infographic report from Pew Internet, which surveyed a sample 2,252 America adults aged 18 and up, suggests that the practice of blogging is quickly declining because Twitter and Facebook are slowly replacing it as the preferred method of kicking and screaming for online attention. Mashable: “Compared to last year’s report, most of the […]