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Our top 5 predictions for 2011: The rise of media whoredom, social networking and the haves vs the have me nots but wishful fame and money.


As we trod on firmly on to the new year, we’ve been thinking about some of the trends/instances that we should be on the look out for and frankly believe will become part of our daily regiment. 

With the dizzying speed of ever increasing communication, one thing is for sure- unless it’s not in the news or talked about (ie most notably via social networking) it might as well not exist. Which is to say how the media communicates and even those who’s business is being in front of the media or trying to get in the media (we call individuals like that media whores…blah) seems to be living a long legacy and effect on the prevailing trends and instances that we should all explore to see in 2011.

That said in no particular instance we’ve outlined our top 5 predictions and just bear in mind, as much as in the past trends and events were often prefaced by trendsetters and designated arbiters of good taste (which by now must be a delicious oxymoron- because what does good taste even mean anymore) what ends up being the hits of 2011 will indirectly be determined by your pretty (let’s hope so kids) face. turn page to see our list