Kim Kardashian instagrams from helicopter cause the Hamptons had no reception


Fortunately for us Kim Kardashian over the weekend went out of her way to hop on a helicopter so she could instagram her existence. Instagram her existence cause she knew we’d starve away if we weren’t fed another image of our collective hero sashaying the glamorous existence we all wish we could have. Unable to […]

Justin Bieber’s private plane marijuana stash got searched. Freed.


Seems shit goes from bad to worse for Justin Bieber as reports that his private plane had been held up at  Teterboro Airport, New Jersey this afternoon after streams of marijuana put the airport authorities on alert. Yes kids, it’s part 40 billion of ‘life keeps getting kinkier, sexier and wilder because I am a teenager media idol.’ […]

Justin Bieber Toronto charges and twitter pics of Biebs sleeping with baby brother make me giddy.


Kids, Justin Bieber is sound asleep and so should you be. Not a care in the world. Not a camera man for miles to see. Not a sliver of tequila dribbling down his chin.  Nothing to fear. Millions in the bank. Billions of fans. Dad Jeremy posting images of me sleeping with my little brother on […]

Did you sign the Justin Bieber deportation petition? Exodus of a legend?


America it seems has finally had enough with Justin Bieber. Case in point the recent Justin Bieber deportation petition which came to be last week after our Canadian born collective media whore dared to transgress our public affection for him when he went hell for leather on an illegal alcoholic bent drag racing sprint. With […]

Arena Arnold thinks she’s the best mugshot contender for 2014

arena arnold

Kids the more I look at Arena Arnold the more I wish I could be her. Those zany eyeballs dreaming of drunken haze balls, those speckled hair whispers the outcome of an extra shot of the good shit, those wild juicy wet lips forever seducing me into her driving excess prowess. Arena Arnold comes to […]

Lindsay Lohan laptop missing. Naked images and more….?


It seems our collective media whore, Lindsay Lohan is in a bit of a bind as she came to lose her laptop at a Shanghai, China airport. But what may be vexing Lilo more than the laptop itself is the contents of that laptop which as it seems given the desperate nonchalance (talk about oxymorons) […]

Expert: Kim Kardashian selfie doctored in recent workout shots.


It seems Kim Kardashian might not be the uber champion that she would like to portend to the world she really is after all. Case in point, the recent Kim Kardashian selflies which show the reality media whore appropriating a much smaller derriere than in previous pictures. Told photoshop master Peejie T via ld RadarOnline […]

Rich girl Rachael Sacks would like to remind you she’s gay too.


Rich college girl, Rachael Sacks who shit on poor people now hiring publicist. It seems Rich girl Rachael Sacks hasn’t quite finished with the media yet. In a new blog entry the much disdained (never mind Rachael…) well to do aspiring Hemingway writer who went to create a snafus with her uncompromising attitude about being […]

Oh really? Lindsay Lohan is writing a book about rehab.


At last, Lindsay Lohan is writing a book that you desperately wanted to read… Kids there is a reason why I like drug councilors. They always know the inside and out of what it’s all about being a junkie. It allows them to ferret nuggets of wisdom back to pleading souls. Which might be an […]

Oh really? Kim Kardashian instagram, compares herself to Elizabeth Taylor.


In yet another self indulgent selfie, Kim Kardashian has gone on instagram to compare herself to movie icon, Elizabeth Taylor. Posting a photo where the reality starlet goes on to feign a post of yester year ala Elizabeth Taylor, retro 1950’s as Cleopatra (seen in the background) our collective media whore insinuates she is on […]

Oh really? Kristen Forester arrested on dui wearing only her panties and bra.


Kristen Forester it seems has a thing for the ‘wild thang.’ Case in point the Florida teen’s arrest on October 21 on dui (driving under the influence) whilst only wearing her panties and bra. Our collective hero came to be pulled over after cops spotted her speeding and driving recklessly on Seaway Drive. At the […]

Kim Kardashian bikini photo causes outrage: ‘You’re a mother now bixch!’


Oh really? Kim Kardashian bikini stunner, how she shed 25 pounds… It seems our collective hero, Kim Kardashian has rather than please her legion of fans has in fact gone and done the opposite with yesterday’s release of her bikini instagram photo. Since releasing the photo users on the web have gone on to express horror and […]