Amanda Bynes flees apartment after threatened with eviction for smoking pot.

Amanda Bynes

If only the world could understand that princess needs to smoke the good shit… jezebel: Amanda Bynes has reportedly moved out of her New York City apartment after receiving a threat of eviction from her building manager. The manager claims that Bynes was a shitty tenant, a “disrespectful rule-breaker,” a “building nuisance,” a scoundrel, a […]

Revenge porn site being sued. But are the women to blame too?

Mariana Taschinger

How Marianna Taschinger’s life fell apart. Revenge sites come under legal scrutiny. Websites referred to as revenge porn where jilted lovers post solicitous images of each other as operated by and website hosting company godaddy are now facing the wrath of at least a dozen women who have brought a class action suit for […]

What terror! Real life Ken and Barbie, aka Justin Jedlica and Valeria Lukyanova meet.

Justin Jedlica and Valeria Lukyanova

Meet the human Ken Doll, has had 90 plastic surgeries to look perfect. But is he? Oh really?! Living Barbie doll Valeria Lukyanova meets her twin double, Dominica. Valeria Lukyanova living Barbie doll is a fake according to new video. Valeria Lukyanova living Barbie doll stars in high fashion shoot for V magazine. Ukrainian model […]

Street fashion in Tokyo, Japan is quite chic indeed…

Tokyo street fashion

Here we go again, another beguiling look at candid fashionable moments in the big wide world. This time Dan Stern of the UK’s streetfashionmonitor takes us to the eerie paradise of Tokyo, Japan. Have a look and a think. Strange, beguiling, terrifying, uber fashionable, exhilirating or just all of the above? We love you Dan. […]

Homelessness on Skidrow, Los Angeles. A photographic ensemble: 100 years later.

Press Release artwork 04x

With the recent passing of Martin Luther King’s birthday which is traditionally celebrated every third Monday here in the United States one English expatriate decided to take an intimate look at how much racial equality and harmony and social mobility has changed over the years. His focus? Los Angeles’ gritty Skid Row. That said I […]

Hearst ‘Designer Visions’ opening showcase.

Barbara Friedmann, Michael Boodro

Intricate Moorish tile work, exotic cabinetry, and royal ottomans; ebonized columns, crystal or shell chandeliers, tapestries galore!  Hearst’s ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, and VERANDA Residences hosted 48 Hour Film Project’s <Short Film Competition>, which took place at 250 West street Tribeca this past Tuesday night. Jeremy Kipp Walker, Mark DuPlass, and Kristen Johnston judged for […]

Pastor Alois Bell tip now leads to Applebee’s blaming waitress fired.

Pastor Alois Bell tip

Pastor Alois Bell apologizes for getting Applebee’s waitress fired. Really? New York restaurants are now suggesting 30% tip for waiters. Woman leaves ‘Single mom sorry’ tip on a $138 bill. Reddit post … God insists on taking more victims… Alas God is not in a forgiving mood as the storm over the waitress, Chelsea Welch who was fired by Applebee’s […]

Oh really? Kendall and Kylie Jenner tweet super fat photos of themselves.

Kendall Jenner

Poking fun at you themselves are preferred uber hawt bixches 17 year old Kendall and 15 year old Kylie Jenner who took to photo manipulation of themselves and posted the results with fans to share and rejoice. Except not everyone was in the rejoicing mood, commented one ‘fan': The Jenner girls would win no beauty contests – they […]

Is the Anne Hathaway Les Miserables spoof so good it might help her win Oscars?

Anne Hathaway spoof

Kids it’s no secret that Anne Hathaway is on a mission to win herself an Oscar trophy cause she reckons that’s shit is good to hang up on some mantle by the living room and personally if I could win an award for anything I’d go out of my way to hang that bixch for […]

High school math teacher had sex with seven different students. Raped minor…

DaNita 'Dee' Wilson

Stunned would be an understatement…. Officials have gone on to express their shock upon finding out that one Charlton Chounty High School teacher, 32 year old DaNita ‘Dee’ Wilson of Georgia has had sex with up to 7 different students at the school where she has taught as a math teacher for the last ten […]

PRIESTESS NYC’s A/W 2013. Cody Ross is a fierce bixch!


PRIESTESS NYC is the cutting-edge fashion label with a moral impulse. Cody Ross- Kitschy Freaky Surprises. Will Cody Ross ever get laid again? OK, Kids, as we make the mad dash toward the New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week A/W 2013 shows next week, we wanted to take a hot second to showcase one of our fav […]