It’s time to see Vogue Italia’s latest contribution to the androgynous stakes.

Which model is the boy and which model is the girl?

In famed photographer Steven Meisel‘s latest shoot for Vogue Italia (the November issue), we are once again soaked in contention (isn’t that why we love Vogue Italia and Steven Meisel to begin with?) as Meisel elects to use models whose gender it is almost impossible to tell.

Which has us wondering is this a continuation of a trend that we thought had finally gone out the window or is this Steven Meisel simply once again trying to be subversive and force a conscious consideration of what gender and by extension fashion really means? Look at the pictures and let you be the judge…

frockwriter: Well that title is Vogue Italia, for which Pejic (right, above) was shot by legendary lensman Steven Meisel alongside a stellar female cast – Freja Beha Erichsen, Iselin Steiro, Iris Strubegger and Alla Kostromichova – in addition to two other male models with long hair and feminine features, Michael Tintiuc and Tomek Szczukiecki. Called Venus in Furs, the provocative editorial, which was styled by Karl Templer, depicts 19 year-old Pejic and co rolling around on a bed in a kind of androgynous Bacchanalian orgy wearing fur, leather boots and gauntlets – and not much else.