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Happy Birthday Andrej Pejic. But no more runway shows…?

Photography by John Wenrich. Andrej Pejic.
Photography by John Wenrich. Andrej Pejic. Andrej is also a preferred hawt bixch….

NYC. Wednesday night saw us singing in abandon with super model Andrej Pejic as the androgynous model (yes the bixch still looked better than 97.2% of the females there) joined kindred guests to celebrate his 21st birthday. The birthday cake and champagne (and no he didn’t even take a bite from that beautiful cake) making delicious rounds to savoring minds…

Courtesy of Sasha Polin of Ginza Project them hawt bixches gathered at his new chic abode (this venue is going to be the bomb this fall, you heard it first, dinner upstairs starts being served next week) Jelsomino next door to the Dream Hotel Uptown (204 W 55th st). The boite itself sleek and full of the glam trappings one wishes for when tossing their beautiful mane/cheekbones at the world even comes with a vip room for high grade karaoke. Of course Andrej was more than happy to exhibit his singing skills for all to see in the main room. Bixch.

Curious to know whether we can expect him to saunter down the runway this fashion week, Andrej offered a bemused stare which said ‘Oh no, them bixches don’t pay enough.’ Which is Andrej’s way of telling you he isn’t going to get out of bed unless you shovel a bit of serious money his way. But then again he is a super model and a very pretty boy that makes them heads twirl and twirl….

For those curious, this is the song sang when Andrej finally swaggered onto the dance floor: Selena Gomez‘s ‘ Love you like a love song’ which is what Andrej certainly is.

Noted guests included Ricardo Garcia, social butterfly, Ken Emerson (socialite so he tells me), Producer Chris Young, top models Hana Nitsche and Kira Dikhtyar and designer Rembrandt Duran and of course a bunch of other beautiful boys and girls

Happy birthday Andrej, love Scallywag.

Rembrandt Duran is also a preferred hawt bixch.
Christopher Koulouris (Scallywag), Andrej Pejic and reveler. 

Work it girl!